Paper Plate Lion Scissor Skills Activity

For this preschool activity, we will be working on cutting skills. We are going to create a lion out of a paper plate and we will use our scissors to create the mane of the lion. I’ve been sharing with you that I’m working towards creating scissor skills activities...

E is for Elephant

Elephants are my favorite animal so I was super excited about this activity. We are going to turn the letter E into an elephant for this craft. This alphabet activity works on the letter E and the sound it makes. Grab a FREE copy of the template in the Required...

X is for X-Ray Letter Craft

We have done X is for X-Ray before because unfortunately, when it comes to the letter X, there are really only so many choices. X is for X-Ray, like the x-ray of an animal at the zoo. Today's preschool activity will teach your Lil' Creator about the letter X and the...

I had been debating if home schooling is for me and was researching for a while but had not found any good resources and lesson plans that were easy to follow and actually do-able. And then I came across your website, just simply loved ittt….its simple, easy to understand, very very organized and extremely creative. Nikita Choksi

My special needs 4 year-old is engaging through these activities and even progressing! Very fun and easy to follow. Great for homeschool parents too. Erica Joyce

Thank you for creating this wonderful resource! I think you have found the balance between practical and fun for homeschool preschool! Tara Green

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