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DIY Skis

Alright truth be told, I have never skied, nor have I participated in any other winter sport for that matter (except sledding though I don't know if that counts)... So I am certainly no expert on winter sports, but that won't stop me from making our DIY skis with Rea...

Winter Games Calendar & Supplies – February 2018

Y'all the 2018 Winter Olympics are upon us! The winter games start February 9th and I am beyond excited.  I love watching the games and I can't wait to watch them with my Lil's. The Winter Games have inspired this month's theme as our Lil's will learn about letters,...

Hop, Skip, Popcorn

We are hoppin' and poppin' around today as we learn the letters in our name and our sight words. Our Lil's are going to get some movement in as they hop from letter to letter. This activity is a fun way to work on gross motor skills, name recognition, letter...

Food Letter Practice Sheets

Ya'll, by the end of this month we will have completed the letter practice sheets twice! Once with only capital letters and once with capitals and lowercase letters! How is your Lil' doing with these? Are they improving? I'm sure they are and I know how proud you must...

Mouse Hat

I always love connecting books with art as I believe it is a really powerful way to gain your Lil's interest in the story and it helps them comprehend the story better. We will be connecting with our story through hats that look like our mouse friend in If You Give a...

Creating a Calendar

Calendar skills are a common preschool activity. However, they are not the most developmentally appropriate lessons as our Lil’s do not understand the concept of time yet.  With that said, I have done my research and found some practices for making calendar skills...

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie – Read for Enjoyment

As your Lil’ gets older and enters school, you will see that there is a HUGE focus on reading in education. While educators certainly think the math and sciences are important, there is a much larger focus on reading. Their lesson planning sessions are heavily focused...

5 Books We Love – Yummy in My Tummy

We’re starting the new year off right by sharing some of our favorite food theme books! And this month, we are sharing our top 6 food books instead of the normal 5. Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast by Josh Funk is the ultimate food book! I almost picked it as our...

Jingle All the Way

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Just like our number light strings, your Lil' is going to be stringing some jingle lights but this time the lights will spell out their name and site words.  Lil' Explorers, grab your FREE copy of the Jingle All the Way...

Winter Wonderland Calendar – December ’17

Now that it is almost December, it is finally starting to get cold (almost everywhere) which means it is a wonderful time to teach our Lil’s about winter! We are going to spend this month learning about snow, penguins, polar bears, and all the warm comforts that you...
Thank you for creating this wonderful resource! I think you have found the balance between practical and fun for homeschool preschool! Tara Green

I had been debating if home schooling is for me and was researching for a while but had not found any good resources and lesson plans that were easy to follow and actually do-able. And then I came across your website, just simply loved ittt….its simple, easy to understand, very very organized and extremely creative. Nikita Choksi

This keeps me so organized and makes it stress free! We love this! It’s also really easy to have two kids doing different curriculums at the same time! Ashley Brantley

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