Dinosaur Egg Number Values

I will never forget the lesson that taught me the importance of understanding math concepts versus memorizing math procedures. In college, my elementary math professor performed the standard algorithm for multiplication which is where you line up the numbers, multiply...

Dinosaur Patterns

I will never ever ever stop loving patterns. They are the quintessential math skill and seeing my kiddos practice and improve their patterns skills makes this dorky STEM momma unbelievably happy. This preschool activity will be focusing on identifying, completing, and...

Dinosaur Eggs Name Activity

If you’re planning to send your little one to regular kindergarten like I am, I can promise you your child’s teacher is hoping that your little one will know how to write and spell their name correctly. Can you imagine the first day of school with 20 five-year-olds...

I had been debating if home schooling is for me and was researching for a while but had not found any good resources and lesson plans that were easy to follow and actually do-able. And then I came across your website, just simply loved ittt….its simple, easy to understand, very very organized and extremely creative. Nikita Choksi

My special needs 4 year-old is engaging through these activities and even progressing! Very fun and easy to follow. Great for homeschool parents too. Erica Joyce

Thank you for creating this wonderful resource! I think you have found the balance between practical and fun for homeschool preschool! Tara Green

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