What is the difference between The Co-Op Box and The Preschool Playbook?

While they offer the same style of activities, they differ in the number of activities and the level of DIY you have to do. The Co-Op Box has 21+ activities and comes with all the materials you need prepped and ready for you. You’ll just need your own scissors, glue, and markers. The Preschool Playbook, on the other hand, is filled with 300+ activities, which require you to provide all of the materials and do the prep work.

What age range are the activities suitable for?

The Co-Op Box is perfect for kids between the ages of 3 and 5. Though The Preschool Playbook works for the same age range, some 2.5-year-olds may also enjoy it. I suggest you manage your expectations on their independence levels. Even your older kids might also love doing the activities while they are on school breaks.

Can I see a sample of The Preschool Playbook?

Sure thing. I have a copy of the Transportation unit from The Preschool Playbook as a free sample. You can download it here.

How often will the subscription renew for The Co-Op Box?

Your subscription will renew on the 15th before the new quarter (March, June, September, and December).

When will the subscription for The Co-Op Box be sent out?

All pre-ordered subscriptions will be sent on the first day of each quarter (January, April, July, and October). If you order The Co-Op Box or The Co-Op Hybrid after pre-orders are sent, your package will be shipped the next business day. In the case of The Co-Op Digital, it will be available for instant download via email when you purchase anytime after the pre-order period.

How can I edit the digital file of The Preschool Playbook to say my child’s name on the custom pages?

Open the template PDF in Adobe reader in Ready mode—not Edit mode which is password protected. On the Introduction page, you should see the word "name" or "Lucy". Highlight "name" or "Lucy" and type your child's name. Your child's name will then be automatically inserted into the book and you’ll be ready to print.

Can I send the digital files to be printed?

Yes, of course. I know some families have more than one child doing the activities, and it makes sense to get multiple copies of the printables and fine motor journals of The Co-Op Box (or the templates and writing journals, if you bought The Preschool Playbook). Feel free to make more copies for everyone in your home if you want to.