Everything You Need for Back to School

Everything You Need for Back to School

 It is back to school season and this post has everything you need for back to school. I am sharing with you my favorite supplies, backpack hacks, teacher questionnaire, & the email I sent my kids' teachers this year. 

Back to School Shopping

The start of school is only 1 week away and the anticipation is building. I have reached a point where I am ready for summer to be over. Fortunately, this feeling came in week 9 rather than week 2.
If your child's teacher is requesting specific brand name items or multiples, it's because she knows that's what works best for the classroom. She has tried other products and organization systems, but these are the ones that work, so I highly recommend you buy what she is requesting.
These are the best prices you are going to see on school supplies all year. A box of Crayola crayons is 50 cents right now, in September they will be $1.49. So when the teacher asks for multiple, I promise you want to buy the extras now. 
And the more basic the better. Slap bracelet rulers and pop it pencil boxes are a distraction not a tool. If your child needs a fidget, talk to your teacher about the accommodation, I promise she will not suggest it be their pencil box. Not to mention you can save about $100 that way.
Last bit, your child's teacher is your teammate. Both of you have the same goal of helping your child succeed. Going into every conversation with the teacher with this attitude will make for an amazing year. 
back to school supplies teacher favorites
back to school shopping basic supplies
back to school supplies fun supplies
back to school shopping classroom supplies
Walmart made the back to school shopping even easier, you can look up your zip code and school name. They have uploaded every school's list and you can add it all to your cart in one click. 
back to school shopping backpack and lunch essentials
My backpack theory is to get a good backpack (Jansport), it will last you 3+ years and you personalize it with patches.
back to school shopping clothes for girls
back to school shopping shoes
back to school shopping boys clothes
back to school shopping boys shoes


Teacher Gifts

Someone asked on Poll the People "what gifts do teachers actually want?"

I asked teachers to elaborate and also tell us what they don't want. 

Here are the results.

teacher gifts that teachers love and don't love

 The most requested item was gift cards. 

And the least wanted item is mugs, cups, and teacher things. 

Teacher Questionnaire

The best way to know what your child's teacher likes and dislikes, is to ask them. They are the human beings who are with your child 8-40 hours a week. They play an essential role in our lives so if you can afford to give them a gift, give them something you know they will love. 



My PTO sends our teachers this questionnaire and puts it on the website for everyone, check to see if your PTO/PTA does the same. If not, send this one to your child's teacher. I promise they will not think you are weird, instead they will be so grateful.  

A budget friendly gift that I love to get for my kids' teachers is to buy a box of their favorite prepackaged snacks and drinks so that on any given Thursday my kids can walk in with Diet Coke and Cheeze-Its as a little mid week surprise. 

Letter to my Child's Teacher

The other day I shared with my instagram & Tik Tok audience that I wrote an email to my kids' teachers introducing myself and my kids, despite that being different than my philosophy as a teacher. 

My goal was for their teachers to know both the positive and negatives about my kids and to know that I see them as my teammates in my kids' education. I wanted the teachers to know that I will support them when their is an issue and can always call me because I know my child is not a perfect human being an we are working together to help them grow. 


A few of you asked if I could share the framework for the email, so here it is. 

Hi Teacher's Name, 

My daughter, child's name, is very excited to be in your class. She is (positive attributes about your kid). She worked really hard last year to (accomplishment from last year that describes their academic performance). Super proud mom. She still has a lot of work to do this year with (areas that need improvement). 
Child's name tends to be (areas where behaviorally they may need help). They are also very (positive behavior about your child). If you ever have any issues with her behavior please do not hesitate to contact me. We view you as our teammates in child's education and we will support you anyway we can. We will work to be consistent at home regarding any behaviors that need to be addressed. 
I would be happy to help you in the classroom any way that you need. I am able to be room mom or help the room mom. 
See you tomorrow at meet the teacher. 



Your Name

 I hope this helps you write a back to school email, letting the teacher know that you are a friendly face that they can reach out to if needed. 

First Day Photo Hack

 This hack saved me the last two years. 

On the first day you are trying to make lunch, pack backpacks, eat breakfast all for the first time in a while. It's stressful and you don't need to add on the taste of taking a picture. If you think for one second that I have my life together well enough to make breakfast, get ready, pack lunches, and have a photo shoot all before 7:15 you are dead wrong. 

Take it the day before. Bonus that way your outfit is already picked out.




I hope you and your kids have the best school this year. You deserve it.  I hope all the teachers are filled with joy and excitement as their students come in to their classes. I pray the kids are eager to learn, make strong meaningful friendships, and see school as a blessing. And I pray the teachers and admin feel supported by the families at their school. 

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