Novel Recommendations For Women

Novel Recommendations For Women

I love to read so I was super excited when some one asked in Poll the People for novel recommendations for women because I knew you guys would have the best suggestions. 

When I was pregnant with Reagan, Eric was in the army and stationed short term in Missouri, we were living in a hotel room so I spent my whole day reading. I would go to the library check out 2-3 books, read them cover to cover, and repeat the next day. 

Once I became a mom, I kinda forgot to read for nearly 7 years. But a few years ago I started reading again and now I finish about one book a month. 

Before we get to the book recommendations, I want share the app Libby with you. It is a library app that allows you to borrow ebooks, cause the cost of books adds up quickly.  

novel recommendations for women

Novel Recommendations for Women

*Recommended multiple times


Historical Fiction

    Family Life Fiction

    Romance Contemporary Fantasy


    novel recommendations for women

    Book lovers, share in the comments your favorite novel recommendations for women. Let's build this list together. 


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      I wrote a whole long comment (typing on my phone), but it was deleted.

      Tldr: I am going to download “Midnight in the Blackbird Cafe” now to listen to.


      September 05, 2023

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