non ficiton books for women

non ficiton books for women

Non-fiction book recommendations for women are always something I am looking for. I am your problem solving girl. So a book that gives me tools to take control of the messy areas of my life, yes please. 

Pro Tip: Listen to these books on audible. I have a really hard time focusing on paper copies of non-fiction books. But put them in my ear buds and I am consuming so many good books. 


*multiple recommendations

I cannot recommend this book enough! I smiled every time I listened to it and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Bob now. I left each story inspired to be better. I will read anything by Bob Goff
I have not read these books, but just looking them up on Amazon, oh my gosh. They are all about empowering women, but not in this age feminism way, but rather by enhancing our God given female powers. These books are religious, so if that isn't your cup of tea, this won't be the author for you.
I started this book and it is pretty good. Full disclosure, I didn't finish it but it wasn't due to getting distracted not because I didn't enjoy the book
So many of you recommended this book and her podcast. She has a second book as well and I have added them both to my list
This is another one that I have not read but was instantly curious and added it to my list of books to read
This is another author that so many of you loved and you said you listen to his podcast regularly.
You will love Jen right off that bat and you will feel like she is talking directly to you because she knows exactly what you are thinking. 
Another religious book that is incredibly powerful and inspirational
 This is was my first personal growth book and I really enjoyed it. 
non-fiction book recommendations for women
I would love to know, in the comments, your favorite non-fiction books. 

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