The Ultimate Growing Gift Guide

The Ultimate Growing Gift Guide

My goal this year is to create the ultimate gift guide for you so that you can find the perfect gift for every person you love.

Gifting is my love language. Nailing the perfect gift for every person on my list is my favorite thing EVER!

I want you to be able to enjoy the holidays & nail the perfect gift which I why I created this guide for you. 

I asked all my girlfriends what they wanted and what their kids wanted to make sure these lists are 100% winners.

Cyber Monday Deals

Altr'd State is one of my favorite shops but it is usually a bit out of my price range so only for special occasion or splurges. 

Their Cyber Monday Sale is buy one, get one free for sweaters, jackets, and graphic tees. That makes most of their:

sweaters $35 each

jackets $50 each

graphic tees $25 each


gift guide cyber monday deals


gift guide women jackets

Stocking Stuffer Deals 

There are more stocking stuffers through out the post under each category, but here are a few on sale today!

The best stocking stuffers are practical, under $15, and fit in a stocking but fill it quick. 

Also a rolled up tee shirt fits in a stocking and fills it up QUICK! There are lots of tees linked below for everyone on your list. 

gift guide stocking stuffers under $25

The perfume and the necklaces are buy 2 get 2 free, so if you have 4 girls to buy for they are about $12 EACH!

Everything else is under $15!


gift guide stocking stuffers boys


gift guide stocking stuffer kids

We have had our thermoses for 3 years now. They are amazing and they really fill up the stocking.

gift guide stocking stuffers men and women


Black Friday Deals

 gift guide black friday deals

Gifts for Women

Women Who Love to Cook

gift guide for women who cook


If you have a foodie on your gift list, these macarons are DELICIOUS!

I had them at a conference. They are so good & ship. I did a macaron & whiskey tasting date night with Eric and these would be perfect for that. 

pssst... I have it on good authority that these will be 20% off on Small Business Saturday

french macaron gift boxes

Stay At Home Moms

gift guide for stay at home moms


Women who Work from Home

gift guide work from home moms


Working Women

gift guide for working women


Women who Travel

gift guide for women who travel


Women who Like Cozies

gift guide for women who love cozies

Gifts for Athletic Women & Sports Moms

gift guide for the athletic sports mom

gift guide work out clothes


gift guide fitness clothes



gift guide fitness watch




Gifts for your Mother in Law

gift guide for your mother in law


Sweaters for Women
gifts for women sweaters


Jewelry Gifts for Women

This is all costume jewelry making it super affordable & cute. 

gift guide for women jewlery

Beauty Gifts for Women

I'm far from a beauty influencer, these are a few beauty staples that would double as amazing stocking stuffers.
The coconut oil deep conditioner is gold for your daughter with long hair too. We have tried all the deep conditioners on the market is THE BEST!

gift guide for women beauty essentials


gift guide dyson air wrap



Women Stocking Stuffers

There are 2 factors to make something a great stocking stuffer - under $15 and practical!

gift guide women stocking stuffers


Gifts for Men

So many of you said the men in your life are the hardest to buy for. Men are typical practical in my experience, because of that my general rule of thumb is to buy them something they love/enjoy but the elevated or luxury version.

For Eric and my dad that is fancy cigars & whiskey. But I have some more ideas below that are all approved by Eric.

Basic Man 

gift guide for men basic man


Sports Guy

gift guide for the sports sguy



gift guide for the grill guy


Technology Guy

gift guide for the tech guy


Father In Law

gift guide for your father in law


Stocking Stuffers for Men

stocking stuffers for men


Gifts for Kids

Gifts for Babies

gift guide for babies


Stocking Stuffers for Babies

stocking stuffers for babies


Gifts for Toddlers

gift guide for toddlers


Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

stocking stuffers for toddlers


Gifts for Preschoolers

gift guide for preschoolers


Sensory Bin

My friend Kylee makes these AMAZING sensory bins. Sensory bins were my secret weapon when my kids were little. Once the learn the rule, materials stay in the bin, this is a gift for you and your kids. I gave one away on my stories and you could hear Reagan in the background saying she still wants to play with them, I just don't make them anymore (because she is busy with friends and out grew them).

kids gift guide sensory bin


Stocking Stuffers for Preschoolers

gift guide for preschoolers


Gifts for Girls

Girls 7 through teens NEED these confidence boosting cards.

Reagan has a set & so dose my friend's daughter and both girls reference them regularly. There are serval variations of cards to choose from. 

affirmation cards for girls

Shop these cards

5-9 year old girls

Reagan and her bestie made a list for me on Amazon to give me ideas when I was making this guide. And I included some past favorites since she is now on the higher end of this spectrum.

gift guide for girls 5-9


Stocking Stuffers for Girls 5-9

I ordered the sticker and chill book for Reagan's stocking, it ain't gonna fit. It is fun and she will love it, but probably not a stocking stuffer after all. 

stocking stuffers for girls 5-9


Pre-Teen Girls

One of our neighbors is 13. She gave me lost of ideas and sent pictures with links for this list & I know the preteens in your life will love it.

gifts for pre teen girls


Stocking Stuffers for Pre Teen Girlsstocking Stuffers for pre teen girls


Teen Girls

I discovered teenagers have the most expensive taste. I included here a variety of price points here but again everything is teenager approved.
teen girls gift guide


Teen Girls Stocking Stuffers

teen girl stocking stuffers


Gifts for Boys

5-7 Year old Boys

Derek went through this guide and was excitedly asking if all these items are on his list and said "I'm so excited to get all these on Christmas"

gift ideas for boys 5-9


I couldn't link the Build Box on LTK, but I think it is an awesome gift that kids will love so I want to share it. 

Boys Stocking Stuffers

boy stocking stuffer ideas 5-9


Pre-Teen Boys

Our 11 year old neighbor helped me with this list and I'm so impressed with how well rounded it is and there are a variety of price points here.
gifts for pre teen boys


Stocking Stuffers Pre Teen Boys

stocking stuffers for pre teen boys


Teen Boys

Again this list is teen boy approved, I sent all my girlfriends a text asking for their kids Christmas lists.

teen boy gift guide


Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys

stocking stuffers for teen boys


Gifts for Teachers

If you want to give your child's teacher a gift, PLEASE send them this questionnaire.

I am going to say what no teacher will say, the cutesy gift that is "teacher" themed is darling, but no thank you. And no one needs another teacher bag, mug, or water bottle.

The person who spends 4-6 hours a day with your child each day is worthy of you knowing where they like to shop and eat.

Teachers love gift cards! And then you can dress it up a little with a cute Christmas item, their favorite candy, and some pretty ribbon.

Disclaimer - Teacher gifts are not a must. I taught a population who was stretching their budget to buy chocolates from the dollar tree and I was so grateful for anything I got, especially a hand written thank you note. This tip is for someone who is choosing to budget for a Christmas gift, buy something the the teacher actually wants so your gift doesn't go to waste.


Pajama Drive

gift guide isaiah 117 house pajama drive

Before we jump into the gift guide, Reagan is hosting a pajama drive for the foster kids in our area. Her goal is to collect 100 pairs of pajamas and donate them to our local Isaiah 117 House

We have put together a wishlist or you can send pajamas to our PO Box: 

PO Box 22640

Knoxville TN 37933

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