Mom Hacks You Need to Know

Mom Hacks You Need to Know

The mom hacks you need to know are right here all in one blog post ready to go. And these are real mom hacks that people actually find helpful. Sometimes when I am on social media, I see mom hacks from creators who only share mom hacks and the way they will come up with so REAL creative ideas to continue to have content is impressive. 

I write that as if I have my life together, the reality is I have a few good hacks I’ve picked up from friends, and my own experience throughout the years, and this list just happens to be my favorites! They are simple, subtle, and sooo effective!

mom hack you will love

Always put your manipulatives/stickers/supplies on the left. This will require your kids to reach from left to right training their brain for the direction text goes.





Put the buckets away cleaning hack- Grab a (basket these are perfect!)for each kiddos things and start cleaning. Then have your kids take the baskets and put everything in them away. I use this to teach them that being part of a family includes helping each other and I am choosing to help them find the toys and they will have to put the toys away. This is simply a hack I use when I need the house to be cleaned ASAP.


Wash your toys in the washing machine- Throw them in a (garment bag I use and recommend this one) and then toss them into the machine. It will sanitize them without much effort. Let’s be honest here, kids are gross and touch all the things and then their toys, so they should be sanitized every once in a while. This makes it super easy and quick!


Commenting on the positives- I know I am guilty of only chiming in with my kids when I hear or see a behavior that needs redirecting. It is easy to stay quiet when everything is going smoothly. But just a friendly reminder that commenting on the positives tends to lead to more positives. Kids need to know that we see all the good things they do, not just the behaviors that need correcting.


Shoe garage- It lives by the door to the garage. Socks go in a basket by the shoes so it eliminates the “I can’t find my shoes” or “ I forgot my socks” struggle.


Popsicle drip catchers-  Poke a hole in a cupcake liner to catch all the popsicle drips. (the cardstock baking cups work better than paper cupcake liners.)

mom hack - popsicle drips

Lint roller clean up!- Give your child a lint roller to help clean up rice, glitter, sand, crumbs, and everything else they drop on the floor. The best part, the lint roller makes it so easy even a toddler can do it!


Sticker hack- If you peel off the white backing on your sticker sheets it will make it 100 times easier for them to get the stickers off with their tiny little fingers. Now they can work on their activities with ease!

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Get ready the night before- Pick out your activity and get it ready for the next morning. This allows you to be prepared and actually enjoy your “hot” cup of coffee while you wait for your kiddos to wake up, BLESS.

Dad does bedtime- I read this article that said it was most beneficial for Dad to read to the kids at bedtime to bond because the kids usually spend most of their days bonding with mom. I started having my husband do jammies, brushing teeth, and reading books every night before bed when he was home. I use that time to set up the activity for the next morning. Divide and conquer, am I right!?

@sandboxacademy Preschool activities + consistency = independent play Your kids will play independently when you teach them to do it consistently and the key to that for me was setting up the night before while my husband did bedtime. #independentplay #preschoolactivities #preschoolmomsoftiktok #lifeofapreschooler #daddoesbedtime #dadsoftiktok #preschoolroutine #prekactivies ♬ original sound - Emily | relatable mom life

mom hack using positive language


mom hack - send art work to grandparents instead of throwing in trash

mom hack - when mom needs  kids to play independently

mom hack - muffin tin lunch

mom hack - indoor play ideas

mom hack - spray bottle activities for kids

mom hacks - make celebrations special

I would love to know your favorite hacks in the comments!

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