Leftovers Dinner Board

Leftovers Dinner Board

A leftovers dinner board is going to be added to your weekly rotation. 

I cannot add more to my plate. So when we decided to do weekly game night I also decided that I wasn’t cooking dinner on game night.

We’re not big take out people. It is just too pricey and with both of us working from home it means leaving the house to get it or paying double for Doordash.

The solution was a leftover /snack board.

@sandboxacademy Leftover night but make it charcuterie 😂 #realisticdinners #realisticdinnerideas #familydinnerideas #charcuterieboardnight #leftoverdinner #familynightideas ♬ original sound - Emily | relatable mom life

Basically. I pull out all the leftovers from my fridge, warm them up, and put it on a charcuterie board.

Then I fill in with fruit, crackers, cheese and other snacks from them pantry if leftovers were light that week.

Honestly it isn’t revolutionary. It is your standard leftovers night but kinda pretty cause everyone loves charcuterie. 🤷‍♀️

Plus, my fridge regularly gets cleaned out so no more rotting Chinese in the depths of the fridge. Plus we have way less food waste which listen I'm not an environmentalist, but I also don't want to take the environment for granted ya know. 

A cleaned out fridge the day before I order groceries, is the life hack we all need. 

A leftover snack board will be your family favorite go to dinner because it is different each week and stupid easy.

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