Kindness Challenge

Kindness Challenge

This month’s lessons are all about superheroes, but while you are having fun and learning, I encourage you to take the opportunity to talk to your Lil’ about what makes someone a real superhero. Personally, I think we can teach our Lil’s to be everyday superheroes by teaching them to be kind. This seems so simple to us adults, but learning to be kind to others is a challenging skill for young kids.

This month I challenge you to complete 20 acts of kindness with your Lil’. I did this with Rea as a countdown to Christmas this year and I am excited to do it with her again now that she understands the concept better.

I am sharing with you 20 suggestions that your Lil’ can do that are easy and inexpensive (most are free).

20 Kindness Acts Task Cards

I am using these kindness cards to give Rea a daily task. Each day she will pick a card, we will read it and then we will go do the activity on the card. After we have completed a kindness task, we will color in one circle on our pail.

I hope you enjoy this challenge and that it encourages your Lil’ to add kindness to their everyday!

Teacher Tip

A great book to read during this challenge is Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

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