Each bundle contains 4 weeks worth of lessons that work on the 6 main skill sets (reading, math, science, social skills, motor skills and creative skills.)

Every month, I publish a new bundle with a different theme to peak your Lil’s interest. Does your child like dinosaurs? I got you covered! Check out the different themes that are available below!

Download a sample

Want to see what the inside of a lesson bundle looks like? Click the button below to download a sample version of my Space lesson bundle!

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in a lesson bundle?
  • Four weeks worth of lessons in PDF form
  • All templates in an easily downloadable and printable PDF
  • Daily calendar with hyperlinks to easily locate every lesson
  • Editable templates to personalize lessons to your Lil’
  • Access to my private Facebook group for Pro members
  • Access lessons from any device (phone, tablet, computer)
How do I use these lesson bundles?
Each lesson bundle contains enough lessons for you to do 2-3 lessons per day, for 5 days a week, for 4 weeks. Each lesson will take approximately 30 minutes to complete (although some may only take 10 minutes while others can take up to an hour) and works on skills your Lil’ will need in kindergarten such as wiritng their name, sharing with others, understanding number values, etc. You will be given a 4-week calendar that will show you when to do each lesson. Simply follow the calendar and do each lesson on the day they are listed. It’s that simple.
Who are these lesson bundles for?
My lesson bundles were built for parents who want to give their child a leg-up for kindergarten. They can be done in conjunction with preschool or as a stand-alone homeschool program.

They’re also great for teachers who want to add some hands-on activities to their curriculum!

Will you send me a physical copy of the lessons?
No, these products are 100% digital and can be downloaded immediately upon purchase.
Why do some bundles have more lessons than others?
Each lesson bundle must have a minimum of 40 lessons to do 2 lessons a day for 4 weeks. Some themes give me more ideas for lessons than others, so instead of stopping at the minimum, I create all the lessons I can think of. Think of it as the $9.95 price is for 40 lessons and all the other lessons in that bundle are a bonus.
Do I get both programs for Lil' Explorers and Lil' Creators with one bundle?
Yes, every bundle you purchase will contain both programs. Most of the lessons can be done by both Explorers and Creators, but there are some that are meant for just one program. For example, the Zoo bundle has a total of 49 lessons, 9 of which are for Explorers, another 9 for Creators, and the other 31 are for both. Don’t worry, they are separated for your convenience.
Do I need to get supplies for these lessons?
Yes, all my lessons are hands-on to keep your Lil’s interest, so you will need supplies. I recommend stocking up every weekend. Don’t worry, they’re super basic. I don’t require any crazy materials to do these lessons. Mostly arts and craft supplies like glue, scissors, markers, etc. I wrote an article on the best way to prep your supplies which you can find here.
Is my credit card secure?
Yes, I process all payments through a secured PayPal transaction.
Can I get a refund if I don't like your lessons?
Since these are purely digital products and there is no way to return them after downloading, I cannot offer refunds. That being said, I take great pride in the lessons I create and write them as if they’re for my own children. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.
Can I access the lesson bundles from my phone?
Yes, the documents are in PDF format to make it super easy to download and use. Be sure to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app to view it, otherwise the formatting and links may not work correctly.


Android devices can download Adobe Acrobat for free here.

Apple devices can download Adobe Acrobat for free here.

How can i contact you if I have more questions?
The best way to contact me is through the Sandbox Academy Facebook page which you can find here or you can shoot me an email here. If you send a message between 8 AM and 8 PM Pacific Time, I generally reply within 10 minutes to an hour or two.