Roll a Body - Number Identification

Roll a Body - Number Identification

 This number identification game will invite our preschoolers to build a body while also using some pre-reading skills to read the key to determine which numbers correspond with which body parts.

As a teacher, any time I could make a learning activity into a game, the engagement levels increased dramatically. Kids love an opportunity to learn, but they REALLY love an opportunity to play, so when we can combine the two we are golden.


You can find the template for this activity in my TPT shop. 

Focus Skills

Algebraic Thinking

  • Count from 0-20
  • Understand values of numbers 0-20


  • Make conclusions and observations about the text based on the pictures


  • Recognizes that writing is used to create meaning (scribbles a letter or grocery list) using some legible letters or words

Required Materials

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Step #1

Print and cut out the Roll a Body Number Identification Template.
Step #2
Assemble the die using glue or tape.
Step #3
Roll the die, identify the number, use the key to determine which body part to put on the body.
Step #4
Continue this process until you have put all of the parts on the body.

Teacher Tip

If you have a Mr. Potato Head toy, you can ditch the body parts template and just use the key and die to play. This will make the activity more hands-on and cut your prep time in half.


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