Body Books We Love

Body Books We Love

Finding human body themed books that were actually about the human body and not, “we said the word toes twice,” was difficult. Many of the books were either way too difficult or way too simplistic, but I love a good challenge and I searched high and low to find you guys some truly wonderful books that are worth reading.

With a theme like the human body, I have to include some non-fiction books on our list because this is a science-based theme, so we should include some science-based books. Not to worry though, this list includes both fiction and non-fiction books that will teach your child all about the human body.

Me and My Amazing Body

This is a fiction book that will answer all of your child’s questions about what their body systems do.

  • Why do they have bones?
  • What kind of food should they eat?
  • How do their muscles work?

Questions your child has or doesn’t even know they have, this book will answer them in a way that is totally age-appropriate.

This book is engaging, thorough, and reassuring in knowing that everything that’s happening in their body is completely normal.

Look Inside Your Body

Look Inside Your Body is an Usborne and More flap book. Preschoolers love flap books. Flap books are incredibly engaging and it’s just exciting, as a preschooler, to see what is underneath each flap. This book is another fiction book and it will teach your child facts about their body.

The text itself is appropriate for preschoolers and it’s even more appropriate for preschoolers because it’s broken up into chunks with the different flaps. This means when your child might be losing interest in the book you can just read fewer flaps. It also means that you don’t have to read every flap every time and your reading experience can change each time you read the book.

This book is colorful and written at a level where your child can enjoy it today and can continue to grow into it and learn from it as they grow and learn more.

Nose to Toes, You Are Yummy!

Nose to Toes You are Yummy is a very simple sweet story. This is a non-fiction text and realistically it is best for our young 2-year-olds because it is bright, colorful, and does not have a detailed story line but it is rhythmic. Toddlers and preschoolers will also enjoy this book, but it likely will not challenge them. Both my kids loved the song that goes with the book as well as the little dance at the end. This book is sure to please as it is sweet and fun.

Here Are My Hands

Bill Martin Jr. is a children’s book genius. He is the author of the book Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See as well as Chicka Chicka Boom Boom which are too big favorites here in our house.

His book Here are My Hands is beautifully written as it shows children and there are various body parts and it describes what those body parts can do. For example, the first page says here are my hands for catching and throwing. This book would be fun to act out.

Additionally, this book contains pictures that are beautiful and include children from all different walks of life. This book is a beautiful description of diversity in the most natural of ways.

Dem Bones

Dem Bones is one of those books that is great for now and will be even better as they grow into it. I learned this as I was reading it at bedtime one night. I opened the book and I saw that there was large text that was essentially the bones song, you know the one where they say the foot bones connected to the leg bone. And then in smaller text there is more scientific explanation about each bone.

Let me just say, at bedtime I am ready for a shorter book so I skipped over all the parts that explained the bones in detail. My children did not notice it did not interfere with the story. They thoroughly enjoyed the book for the night. So, I see this is a plus because this book can be short and sweet perfect for preschoolers or it can be more detailed and a book where you are learning facts about your body and you are able to grow with this book.

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