Farm Books We Love

Farm Books We Love

This is one of my favorite posts of the month! I love reading all the different books for preschoolers and getting to recommend some awesome ones for you.
This month, I could not limit myself to just five books, so I’m recommending a sixth bonus book!
Check out my review on some awesome farm books that will compliment this month’s theme beautifully.
E-I-E-I-O How Old MacDonald Got His Farm

This book is a super cute explanation of how the famous old MacDonald got his farm. Turns out he didn’t want to mow his yard so, with a little help, he turned his yard into a farm!

The text has a great rhythm and is very sing song-y. The illustrations are beautiful, vibrant and comical. Your Lil’ will love this book and you will be equally amused.
Ragweed's Farm Dog Handbook
Ragweed is a farm dog and this book is his guide to being the best farm dog he can be. Throughout the book, Ragweed tells the reader about all the different jobs on the farm and most importantly, how to earn yourself a biscuit from the farmer.
This book definitely made me laugh out loud a few times and you and your Lil’ will thoroughly enjoy reading it together.
Duck on a Bike
Duck on a bike is literally about a duck on a bike. As the duck rides around the farm on a bike, all the other farm animals think he’s lost his mind and shouldn’t be riding a bike. That is until a bunch of children leave their bikes outside on the farm…
The text in this farm book is fairly repetitive which is great for young readers and the illustrations are beautiful. This book for preschoolers.
Farmyard Beat
Farmyard Beat by Lindsey Craig is simply a fun farm book. It is written in song form and you really have no choice but to sing it. As the title suggests, the book is about farm animals who are creating a beat and dancing to it. Your Lil’ will love dancing to the beat of this book. What a fun way to combine literacy and movement!
On the Farm
I like this book because it is written very differently than most books for presfchoolers. It is not a continuous story, but rather each page is a small poem about a different farm animal. This book is great for teaching our Lil’s the various farm animals and their different roles on the farm. The illustrations are certainly beautiful but again, they have a very different feel than our typical children’s book. I like the idea of introducing our children to multiple forms of literature and I think this book is a wonderful way to do just that.
Moo! is an awesome farm book. It consists of one word and one word only: MOO. Because of this, the illustrations are extremely important to the story telling as well as your inflection when you read. Your ability to convey meaning in your tone is essential when reading this book aloud.
It is a hilarious story about a cow who steals a car and have I mentioned I love how an entire story was told by simply using one word?!
Seriously, this is a must read, though I will say it is probably best for our Lil’ Creators as our Lil’ Explorers may not be ready to understand the little nuances in tone yet. You and your Lil’ Creator will absolutely love it!

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