Must Have Finds You Will Love

Must Have Finds You Will Love

Ahh I am so excited to share all these items with you. I have been sharing more and more of the items I love on stories and those expire in 24 hours, so I thought it would be helpful to have a home for it on my blog. 

I mostly shop at Amazon, Target, and Walmart so that will be the bulk of where my items are from. 

These are all the things I bought in January & February, it is a long one since it is 2 months and my first time. 

I hope this is helpful and you find a few things you love. xoxo

Let's dive in...

I went to Walmart  to get a few things from Walmart and found a bunch of goodies

@sandboxacademy I went into walmart for birthday supplies and left with so many cute spring pots. @Walmart is definitely your go to place for pots. These were all under $15 #walmarthauls #springshoppinghaul #birthdaypartyshopping #springpots #homeandgardendecor ♬ Flowers - Miley Cyrus


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Tech Purchases

I have bought almost every tripod on the market. I have the black one that I bought a while back and I use it all the time, but with filming more day in the life stuff, I wanted one for upstairs and one for downstairs. 

I just got the white one for upstairs and I am liking it. If I were to only get one, I would buy the black one. 

The mini ring light was an impulse purchase because one of my favorites, Maddy Daye, has one. 100% I was influenced. PS she is so fun to follow.

These cord organizers are worth their weight in gold. I have a lot of embarrassing drawers full of cords that are in a big knot. These fixed that. **I bought a similar item from a different brand and the magnets fell out. As a mom and pet owner, I don't mess around with magnets. Buy quality.

Extra Cords - My kids break cords like they are going out of style. I buy them in bulk now. 

black tripodwhite tripod | mini ring light | cord organizer | extra cords 


Kids Workbooks

I know you'll probably think it is too early to be planning for summer, but I am. I know it will be here soon and spring is such a busy time of year for us. 

I am still working on my game plan and I am giving it a test round over spring break, BUT I know it will include these workbooks

I did not write a kindergarten or a 2nd grade curriculum and I have no intentions of starting so I'm buying off of amazon. 

2nd Grade Writing Workbook | Summer Before 3rd Grade Workbook  Sight Word Activity Book | Summer Before 1st Grade Workbook 

Kids Clothes

If you have a tall skinny kid you know the pain of finding them pants. Working drawstring is a MUST. D loves these sweatpants. 

The pink long sleeve hoodie is the softest most buttery material. SWOON!

Reagan has a few crop tops. I buy them a size or two up so that there is more length to it. She still gets the cropped look without showing her belly.

Spring Clothes 

This blue blouse is very flattering in the boob area. 

I love the buttons on the tank top body suit it is very flattering and I got several compliments wearing it on stories the other day. 

The sneakers are comfy and a cheap look a like compared to Converse. They were less than $20. 

I love a white t-shirt. I have them in all lengths and styles it was only till I got a cropped version. 

American Eagle makes the best of the best when it comes to panties

sweater | jeans 

I love this sweater, it is perfect for spring and as a cover up in the summer. It is a crop top, but with high rise jeans you can't tell.

Organization & Cleaning 

If you want to see all of these item in use, go to my kitchen decluttering post.

I wanted these cord organizers for the kitchen. I have a lot of extras and I am pumped to organize Eric's desk cords with them. 

This is THE BEST lint roller of all time. We have 2 dogs who shed, this get the pet hair off my couch, bed, stairs, ect without pulling on the fabric fibers. I never thought I'd be passionate about a lint roller but here we are.

Fabric Shaver - our old fur scraper was pulling at the fabric of our couch so I bought this fabric shaver. It has cleaned up all the loose strings and makes our couch look so much better. 

I thought the freezer organizer would be something I return, but oh my goodness it is worth every penny. 

Truthfully, I wanted a prettier more aesthetic acrylic under the sink organizer, but I wasn't willing to pay $30 each. These are $30 for 2 and I like that the bottom shelf pulls out. We have one in the kitchen and one in the guest bathroom.

The drawer organizer was for our junk drawer and my command center

I love this utensil organizer but measure your drawer first. There is only one drawer in our whole kitchen where this will fit. 

The mug storage is for my holiday coffee cups. It made such a big difference in my holiday cabinet organization. 



Random Good Finds

I love a cheesy romance book. The kind where you met the male  and female character and instantly know the ending. lol. Sheryl Woods is the best at that. Welcome to Serenity is book 4 in the Sweet Magnolia series. 

100 Days of Believing Bigger, I am slowly working on this devotional. I'm a week in and I like it so far. I will add I am not super religious, so I am just getting my feet wet here. 

This hair mask is everything if you have a small child with long hair. Reagan's hair is to her butt and we were having screaming matches while brushing her hair until this magical cream. 

This mascara went viral because of some scandal, I had to try it. I love it. It is $12, gives amazing length and volume, and it doesn't smear.

The water bottles are stanley cup dupe. I bought two in January and LOVE them. They are $17 each which is much more my speed.




I hope you love this and find it helpful. As always, thank you for spending your time with me. I am so dang grateful for you. xoxo love you

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