Declutter Your House One Room at a Time - The Kitchen

Declutter Your House One Room at a Time - The Kitchen

All November and December I was thinking about decluttering my whole house. 

I forced myself to wait till after the holidays so that I could enjoy the holidays first. 

I know this is an issue for you too because, someone asked what do you do when you get overwhelmed with all your stuff on Poll the People one week. And here are the most common answers. 

My plan was to start in January and do one room a week. 

Guess what, I decluttered my kitchen first and 8 hours later I didn't want to declutter EVER again. 🙈😂

I am starting to get back on track and feel motivated again. I have 2 rooms left for my downstairs and they are both pretty easy/small. So it shouldn't be an issue. But when it is time to declutter my hall closet, bedroom, and garage - send help. I will need a new strategy to not crash and burn. 

I think I am going to make this a series so we will have one post for each month. As I share videos of me decluttering a space I will add the video and product links.

While I am sharing a lot of links in this series, I am also reusing as much as I can because I cannot afford a years worth of college tuition on organization items

Utensil Drawer

I think the sign that you have officially hit your 30's is when you get excited about utensil organization. 

I should note, the wooden expanding utensil organizer did not fit in the original utensil drawer. We had to move things around which is fine. But I probably should have measured 😬


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Spice Drawer 

A few years ago I bought all rectangular spice containers because I liked the look. This year I decided that from now on I will just specifically buy spices that come in rectangular containers. 

I also organized our taco holders and cheese knives using cleaned out old candle jars. This is a drawer that no one is going to see, if I can repurpose something and save $$ it is worth it. 

spice jarslarge acrylic container | square acrylic container



@sandboxacademy Tell me your favorite comfort shows while we declutter my kitchen drawers. I can watch one tree hill, hart of dixie, west wing, and friday night lights on repeat. #declutter2023 #declutteryourhome #kitchenorganizationideas #comfortshowsforthewin #onetreehill #hartofdixie #westwing #fridaynightlights #knoxvillemoms #cleaningtok2023 ♬ original sound - Emily | mom talk + activities

Junk Drawer 

Everyone has a junk drawer in the kitchen right. The container set I bought for this drawer had 24 containers. I thought it would last me more drawers than it did. I was able to use it for my junk drawer and my calendar table.

container set 

@sandboxacademy Cleaning out my junk drawer for my goal to declutter my whole house in 2023. #homemakertiktok #stayathomemom #gettingorganizedfinally #declutterwithme #declutter2023 #junkdrawerorganization #organizingtips #organizingtiktok #organizedhome #organize #drawerorganization ♬ original sound - Emily | mom talk + activities

Everything Else

So this is the part where I forgot to be a good little blogger and didn't video the whole process. BUT I did get all the before and afters. 

My favorite organization is in my holiday cabinet. The mug organizer and the plate rack are GAME CHANGERS. 

 plate rack | mug organizer

@sandboxacademy Still chipping away at my 2023 goal to develop systems in my house to make everythign run smoothly and declutter all the things. #declutteryourlife #decluttering #declutteringtips #declutteringin2023 #momof2 #relatablemom #declutterformentalhealth #overstimulatedmom #declutteringchallenge #decluttering #2023goals #cleaningmotivation2023 #decluttermotivation #cleanwithme ♬ original sound - Emily | mom talk + activities

My friend Marla has a whole course designed for stay at home moms so that they feel more successful in their role. I have taken it and I am referring back to it a lot this year as I am working on developing systems and routines that work for me and my family. She has a whole module on that.  

Ultimate Stay at Home Mom Course (affiliate)

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