Traditions and Family Time

Traditions and Family Time

Hi friend! I am excited to share with you these family traditions and ideas to love on your people. 

I hope these are helpful for you. They are some of the simpl(er) ideas that we use to just make sure were feeling loved.

Friday Movie Night

This is a tradition that we started when Derek was 2 and Reagan was 4. Every Friday night we watch a movie (here's my list of family favorite movies) and we eat a treat. Sometimes I bake sometimes it is movie candy. 

It took a while (3+ years) for my kids to be able to enjoyably watch the whole movie but it was still worth it. Reagan has turned down invites from friends saying it is Friday Movie Night, I am with my family tonight.

 popcorn bowl | baking cups 

@sandboxacademy Family movie night is one of the best decisions i made for my family. My kids look forward to it all week, I pop a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner, and we add a treat. Sometimes I bake and sometimes I grab movie candy. Right now my kids even turn down invited from friends on Friday cause it is family movie night. I know that wont last so im soaking it all in. And im open to inviting friends to join us. #simplefamilytradition #familytradition🥰 #familymovienight #movienightforkids #fridaynighttradition #fridaymovienight #familytraditions #familytimeideas ♬ original sound - Emily | mom talk + activities

Valentine's Day Family Date

I set up this whole table and we didn't even sit here! 😥 Derek came home sick from school and since he was cuddling on the couch we all sat with him instead of at the table so we will try again next year.

All of my supplies are things I have collected over the years. I am linking similar items that I found on Amazon. 

@sandboxacademy Valentine’s Day Dinner with kids valentines day decorations ✔️ write each kid a love note ✔️ box of chocolates ✔️ small gift ✔️ #valentinesdinnerathome #valentineswithkids #simplevalentinesdecoration #simplevalentinesday #easyvalentinesideas #valentinestradition #levelupbootcamp #tiktokcreator #tennesseemama #tennesseemomma ♬ original sound - Emily | mom talk + activities

Last Minute Valentine

There is a super cute trend to put a post-it or heart shape paper on your child's door everyday from Feb 1 - Feb 14. Each heart says something you love about your child. 

I have failed at that every year, despite my best intentions. 

This year I decided to write them all on one heart on the 14th and give it to them as a valentine. 

Last year we created giant hearts for everyone in the family and posted them on the wall on February 1. Each day as a family we came up with something we love about each person and wrote it down. That took all of the pressure off me which helped too. 


@sandboxacademy Super simple last minute valentine for your kids Write all the things you love about them on a heart Show them and affirm them with your love #valentinesdayforkids #valentinesdaywithkids #kidsaffirmations #knoxvillemoms ♬ original sound - Emily | mom talk + activities

At-Home Valentine's Date with Your Husband

I think was 2 years ago that Eric decided that we would watch a scary movie every Halloween, so this year I decided we are watching a romance movie every Valentine's Day. 

We started off with the CLASSIC - The Notebook. I made us these Burbon Cherry cocktails from The Salty Marshmallow. They were soooo good and bit strong 😂.  And I made chocolate covered strawberries which are stupid easy. Never pay $10 again for chocolate strawberries.

at-home dates ideas

 Burbon Glass


@sandboxacademy At home date night Date for new parents Date your spouse Dates when your broke Budget date #datenightideas❤️ #valentinesdatenightideas #athomedateideas #youngparents #budgetdateideas #dateyourhusband #dateyourspouse❤️ #momoflittleones #valentines2023ideas💌 ♬ original sound - Emily | mom talk + activities

Photo Wall

This idea did not do as well as I thought it would on social media, but I love it so I am putting it here anyway.

Let me tell you, it makes my kids so happy every time I update their walls they get so excited. I love that their room is filled with pictures of people they love and I hope it serves as a way for them to be reminded of all the people who love them.

I get my prints from FreePrints  and you have to pay for shipping but you do get I think 1000 free 4x6's and shipping is about $4. The quality of the prints is great in my opinion considering the prints are free. 

mounting putty


@sandboxacademy Create a photo wall for your kids bedrooms. #photowallcollage #kidsbedrooms #kidsbedroomideas #momofyoungkids #knoxvillemom #elementarymom #levelupbootcamp #tiktokpartner #decorateyourroom #familypictures2023 ♬ original sound - Emily | mom talk + activities

Best Hostess Gift Ever

I heard somewhere that the best hostess gift you can give is breakfast for the next day. 

How stinkin' smart is that?

That way when they wake up in the morning and have a sink full of dishes they don't have to add to the mess before they start cleaning. 

I love that idea. 


@sandboxacademy If you’re looking for a good hostess gift this is it. Bring your host breakfast for the next morning. They will love the thoughtfulness and the fact that they dont have to cook in the morning. #hostessgiftidea ♬ original sound - Emily | mom talk + activities

I hope these ideas are all so helpful for you. I am so grateful to be able to share my time and family with you. 💜💜💜

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