4 Tips to make cooking for your family easy!

4 Tips to make cooking for your family easy!

Tired of spending tons of money going out to eat? Want to find easy and affordable meal ideas to make cooking less of a chore and more fun?!

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Here are my favorite super easy and affordable tips for making family dinners!

  1. Keep your freezer stocked with Trader Joes meals. They are what I like to call the “ohhh shiznittt meals” because when I forget to take the meat out, (which is more often than not) Trader Joes comes in clutch. Costco has some gems too. We like the orange chicken, fried rice, frozen pizzas, mini tacos, and lasagna.
  2. When you’re serving your “ohhh shiznitttt fried rice” mix in cauliflower rice. This is a great way to bulk up your meal and sneaks in the cauliflower to your kid's meals and they never even notice, I don’t know about your kids, but mine like to pick out every single carrot and pea in chicken-fried rice, but the cauliflower sits because they can’t pick it out! (genius if you ask me)
  3.  Serve your food in a tupperware container. If you eat it all, awesome! You can toss it into the dishwasher. If not, all you have to do is put the lid on top and pop it into the fridge for easy leftovers. This saves you time on not having to do more dishes! And if you’re aesthetically pleasing like me, here’s the glass tupperware that I love!
  4. Cook all your chicken in an air fryer. It gets the chicken really crispy and keeps you from heating up the house like when you use an oven. My favorites and my kid's favorites are the BBQ Teriyaki Chicken from Trader Joes, Orange Chicken from Trader Joes, and the Kung Pao chicken from Trader Joes. 
mom cooking with son text reads 4 Tips to make cooking for your family easy

Easy and more affordable than going out! 



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If you loved my oh shizz dinners, then you are going to love this list I created that consists of over 25 baking with kids recipes. And yes, your child can actually cook with you or maybe even independently. The results may not be Pinterest perfect but they will be delicious. (here is another super easy and money-saving yogurt swap!)

Before you grab a few recipes to try with your kids, check out some of my favorite tips for having kids in the kitchen.


@sandboxacademy The kitchen is a great place to practice Rea life skills as well as math and reading 


Listen I feel pretty passionate about having kids in the kitchen cooking with us. So I put a recipe in every theme in the the Preschool Playbook. They are all easy recipes that your kids can help you with. And they will learn so many valuable academic and life skills. 

xoxo Emily

PS I just want to say thank you for being here. It means the world to me that I get the privilege of sharing with you and helping you in even the smallest way.

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