31 Days of Dinners: Another Month of Meal Planning

31 Days of Dinners: Another Month of Meal Planning

Easy dinner ideas for August are here. We are getting back into the school routine and sports which means I need to be mindful of that while planning this month. 

I am going to try Hello Fresh for these nights. I will report back and let you know how it goes.

Another month of not trying out new recipes over here. We're sticking to tried and true favorites, right now I'm in a phase where cooking feels like a requirement and not fun. I'm just not inspired and thats okay, but we still have to eat. 

The meal planner I use is Plan to Eat (affiliate link). I love it because you can upload any recipe you want from the internet to make a recipe/ meal bank (like I talked about in the how to meal plan post) and then you just drag and drop the recipe onto the day you want to eat it. Plus it makes a shopping list for you too. 

August Meal Plan

31 Days of Dinners: Another Month of Meal Planning

We love snack boards / leftovers on Wednesdays with game night and we waste a lot less because we aren't forgetting about food in there. We have been doing pizza on Fridays for years now, so that is 2 nights a week pre planned forever. 


@sandboxacademy Leftover night but make it charcuterie 😂 #realisticdinners #realisticdinnerideas #familydinnerideas #charcuterieboardnight #leftoverdinner #familynightideas ♬ original sound - Emily | relatable mom life
@sandboxacademy Family movie night is one of the best decisions i made for my family. My kids look forward to it all week, I pop a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner, and we add a treat. Sometimes I bake and sometimes I grab movie candy. Right now my kids even turn down invited from friends on Friday cause it is family movie night. I know that wont last so im soaking it all in. And im open to inviting friends to join us. #simplefamilytradition #familytradition🥰 #familymovienight #movienightforkids #fridaynighttradition #fridaymovienight #familytraditions #familytimeideas ♬ original sound - Emily | relatable mom life

Tried and True Recipes we Love 

Easy Chicken Tacos

Source: damndelicious.net

Huli Huli Chicken 

Greek Chicken Gyros

Copy Cat Chick-Fil-A Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

Baked Crunchy Hot Chicken (This was really good, but a lot of work. I think you can use Just Barre Chicken and the sauce from this as an easy short cut)

Low Carb Chicken Sausage and Vegetable Skillet

Flank Steak & Tortellini

@sandboxacademy Replying to @teetee_mama my kids’ favorite dinner of all time is flank steak & tortellini. Marinate the flank steak in -1/2 cup honey -1/2 soy sauce - 1 tbsp garlic - 1 tsp ginger Grill the flank steak Boil the tortellini (we love @costco or bertolli) Toss the tortellini in olive oil & serve with roasted broccoli or green beans. My kids devour this and there are never leftovers #familydinnerideas #favoritedinner #easyfamilydinnerideas #flanksteaks #tortellinitok #familyfavoritemeal ♬ original sound - Emily | mom talk + activities



For new stay-at-home moms who are new to meal planning, I suggest trying out the Ultimate Stay At Home Mom Course*. It covers the benefits of meal planning and teaches you to  develop a system.


Then you can grab the Plan to Eat app* and start importing your family's favorite recipes. 

*affiliate links


31 days of dinners: another month of meal planning

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