The best Shaving Cream Activities for kids!

The best Shaving Cream Activities for kids!

Today’s Activities are featuring the MVP of budget-friendly materials, SHAVING CREAM! 

Shaving cream is one of our favorite mediums! I never pay more than a dollar. It lasts, and it is sooooo versatile. Plus, this activity actually got the sweetest reaction out of my kiddos!

D: “that was a really fun activity, thank you mommy”- #Momwin! I basically became a mommy genius in his mind that day!

​​So let’s start by getting this out of the way, these activities are going to be

MESSY. There is no way around it. So if you’re the anti-mess mom, this one isn’t going to be for you (although there is one that may be your speed, so you might want to go through it anyway). 

Now those of you who embrace the mess (or are trying to learn to embrace the mess, I’m with ya), let’s get into the best shaving cream activities for kids.

Here are 8 shaving cream activities for kids and toddlers!

Shaving cream paint: 

  • Grab a cupcake tin or plate and mix shaving cream and washable paint together.
  • Grab a paintbrush and have your kiddo paint the tub or shower.
  • Rinse when you're done. Easy peasy!

shaving cream | cupcake tin | washable paint | paintbrush

Shaving cream cupcakes:

  • Grab a cupcake tin and fill each of the holes with shaving cream.
  • Grab any pom poms, sprinkles, toys, or parts that you want your kiddos to use for decoration.
  • Have your kiddo make their own version of cupcakes!

shaving cream | cupcake tin | pom pomssequins

Shaving cream car wash sensory bin:

  • Load up your sensory bin with cars and trucks and spray them down with a dollop of shaving cream. My shaving cream went a little wonky and turned to liquid. Not quite sure how that happened. So just roll with it if it happens to you!
  • Add a toothbrush or paintbrush, and have your kiddo wash those cars. This doubled for us as toy washing too and boy, did they need it. #worksmarternotharder
  • I like to keep a bucket of clean water and a towel nearby to rinse and dry the trucks.

sensory bin | shaving cream  | paintbrush | toy cars

Rainbow water and shaving cream 

  • Grab small cups and add water
  • Add food coloring to the cups of water and top with a dollop of shaving cream.
  • You can have your kiddo organize the cups into a rainbow or color sort.
clear cups filled with rainbow colored water and topped with shaving cream for sensory play

sensory bin | shaving cream | food coloring | plastic cups

Shaving cream writing 

  • Grab a sensory bin or cookie sheet.
  • Cover the whole sheet with shaving cream.
  • Have your kiddo trace letters, numbers, and shapes in the shaving cream.
  • Optional use a paintbrush or just have them use their fingers.
    activity tray filled with shaving cream and an R written in the shaving cream


    Marble Painting

    •  Add shaving cream to a cookie sheet or sensory bin.
    • Drip food coloring on the shaving cream. Gently mix with a stick. 
    • Have your kiddo lay paper on top of the shaving cream, lift and reveal.
    activity tray filled with shaving cream and drizzled with red, orange, and yellow paint to create marbled painting for toddlers and preschoolers

    sensory bin  | shaving cream | washable paint | paintbrush | paper


    Build with shaving cream

    • Grab any type of toy like blocks, legos, corks, or small parts.
    • Use shaving cream as glue to stack the blocks, corks, or other small parts that you choose.
    activity tray filled with shaving cream and blocks for preschoolers to build using blocks and shaving cream

    There you have it, 8 easy and fun activities you can do with saving cream! Leave a comment letting me know your favorite shaving cream activities your kiddos love!

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    collage of images top image toddler playing with blocks and shaving cream, bottom left cups of rainbow water topped with shaving cream, bottom right the letter R written in a tray of shaving cream. Text in the middle reads 8 easy and fun shaving cream activities for kids

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