Stay at home mom routine with toddlers

Stay at home mom routine with toddlers

How does your morning routine look as a stay-at-home mom with toddlers?

If your current mornings are looking kinda rough, with a whole lot of chaos and cold coffee, I’ll help you out by sharing these game-changing tips for adding learning activities to simplify your morning routine as a stay-at-home mom with toddlers and preschoolers! Trust me. If anyone gets it, it’s me. I have a stage 5 clinger of a child and I am totally not a saint of a mom, so every now and again I need some space, to breathe, fold some laundry and think, just like you!

This is going to apply to you if you have kids going on summer break, spring break, or any break where they are home and looking for activities to keep them entertained. Also, this is great for my mamas who aren’t living that school life, your mornings are in need of creativity and routine and you need some help coming up with ideas!

The biggest game-changer you’re gonna want to start implementing is to get ready the night before! This means picking out your activity and getting it ready for the next morning. This allows you to be prepared and actually enjoy your “hot” cup of coffee while you wait for your kiddos to wake up, BLESSS.

Here’s how it works.

I read this article that said it was most beneficial for Dad to read to the kids at bedtime to bond because the kids usually spend most of their days bonding with mom. (PSA: I did not fact-check this article before accepting the conclusions cause this mama’s tired!) but this seemed pretty spot on so I went with it.

This is where the genius part comes in.

After reading the non fact-checked article, my husband Eric started handling jammies, brushing teeth, and reading books every night before bed when he was home. I use that time to set up the activity for the next morning. Divide and conquer, am I right!?

Activities that I use for inspiration are:

collage of puzzles for preschoolers and toddlers one amazon to help stay at home mom routines

collage of activity books for preschoolers and toddlers one amazon to help stay at home mom routines

Once the kids are awake, they can immediately start the activity you have planned. The magic of these activities fires up their creativity and ignites their little brains and imagination for free/independent play! Sometimes my kids can self-start, so they take it on by themselves. Other times they need a little help.

To make your morning routines a heck of a lot easier, I put together a list of 21 play ideas for you to play with your toddlers and preschoolers because, y’all, sometimes the struggle is real. We all want to enjoy playing with and spending quality time with our kids; thus, I have created a list of 21 play ideas for you to play with your kids. You can download your PDF here!

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