Family Board Game Recommendations

Family Board Game Recommendations

We do a game night every Wednesday so we are always looking for good family board game recommendations. You guys gave me a bunch during Poll the People on Sunday & I have organized them by age. 

Toddlers & Preschoolers

family board game recommendations
  • Twister
  • Uno - since almost everyone already has uno, I am linking waterproof Uno. My neighbor brings these to the pool and we all love it
  • Pretty Pretty Princess - A classic that I remember from my childhood. Both Reagan & I loved this game when we were little (littler in Reagan's case)
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos - One of my good friends use to give this at every birthday party and my kids absolutely loved theirs. 
  • Burping Bobby - Feed him, but watch out – you never know when he’s going to BUUUURRRRP!
  • Old Maid
  • Spot It - Super simple and the easiest stocking stuffer
  • Candy Land 

  • Shark Bite


Ages 5+

family board game recommendations toddlers and preschoolers

  • Charades
  • Bop It - a classic favorite that my kids love to pull out and play 
  • Suspend - a balancing game that reminds me of Jenga
  • Outfoxed - this is a game where you work together as a group to win as a team
  • Trouble - the fact that you can't lose the dice on this game is clutch
  • Sloth in a Hurry - this is an improv that will get your kids moving creatively. Sounds perfect for a indoor day
  • Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza - my kids and I love this game. Eric hates it cause he always loses
  • Sequence Kids - We love this version and the adult version. It is really fun when kids start to understand the strategy behind it
  • Left Right Center - A quick paced dice game that is fun with a crowd


Ages 7+

family board game recommendations

  • Tenzi - this is a super fast & easy dice game. It feels like a spin on Yahtzee and I added it to my cart so fast. 
  • Ticket To Ride Junior - We were so excited to start playing this game with our kids. D started playing at 5 and after a few rounds of playing on a parent's team he was kicking our butts individually
  • Phase 10 - this would make a great stocking stuffer
  • Skip Bo 
  • Harry Potter Clue - Clue is a classic and anything Harry Potter is a win in my book
  • Sequence - One of mine and Eric's favorite games. We have played the junior version with the kids and they love it too
  • Sleeping Queens 1& 2 - This game was created by a kid and would make a great stocking stuffer
  • Sushi Go 
  • Spoons
  • Rack-O - this game is new to our family and we really enjoyed it
  • Monopoly Deal - I wonder if this would be a good into to monopoly. It is small and cheap so an easy stocking stuffer
  • Yahtzee 
  • Exploding Kittens - This is Eric's number one pick for every game night
  • Blockus - It is like live Tetris
  • Harry Potter Catch the Golden Snitch - We gave this to a neighbor for his birthday. He said it is similar to Spoons and he liked it. 


Ages 10+

Family board game recommendations

  • HerStory - Essentially a matching game, but while learning about fabulous women in history
  • "No Thanks" - a strategy card game with a simple concept but math and strategy thinkers are going to kick butt at this game
  • Quixx - Another quick dice game but this one uses strategy
  • Queen Domino - easy to learn 
  • Monopoly - this is a cut throat game in Eric's family 
  • Green Team Wins Think like everyone else and earn a spot on the Green Team. Write down what you think is the most common answer in the room
  • Ticket to Ride - this is one of mine & Eric's favorite board games
  • Villanous - Disney lovers will love this game. It is a strategy game so Eric thinks it is amazing and I'm 50/50 on it
  • UpWord - It's like Scrabble but with a twist


This is a big list but I am sure there are more good games out there. Let us know in the comments you family's favorites.


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