Easy and fun and easy summer activities for toddlers and preschoolers!

Easy and fun and easy summer activities for toddlers and preschoolers!

Easy summer activities are part of my plans this year so that I can find a balance between being the fun mom and not burning out in the first week. Can you relate?

Although I love learning activities year-round, I’m also a big believer in cherishing your summers. You don’t need to fill your days with educational activities. But if you are needing an activity to get your kids to enjoy their summer while sparking their creativity, I’ve got you covered with these 10 super simple summer activities for your kiddos! 

In case you were wondering where all the genius ideas come from, my summer unit on Etsy. They are the same style as my Preschool Playbook. When I share  like the ones below, it is a great way for you to see if this is the right fit for you. I have over 300+ ideas in my Playbook. This is just a little taste for you.



Here are 10 easy and fun and easy summer activities for toddlers and preschoolers!

Squirt Gun Painting - 

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Supplies: Tempera paints in any color. Funnel. Squirt gun. Canvas or paper. Water.

  • Mix tempera paint and water in a jar or cup. 
  • Add the mixture to your kiddos squirt gun. I used a funnel to keep it clean.
  • Tape a piece of paper or canvas outside and have your kiddo shoot the squirt gun to paint!

Pineapple Letter Match - 

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Supplies: Pineapple letter template. Piece of paper. Scrabble letter tiles. 

  • Have your kiddo match the letter tiles to the letter in each of the pineapple grids.
  • Another option is to have your kiddo match lower and uppercase letters using magnet letters or letter beads.

Paper Towel Water Dance - 

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Supplies: Paper towel. Markers. 2 Cups of water. 

  • Tear your paper towel in half or use the precut sizes.
  • Color both ends of the paper towel with all different colored markers, and have your kiddo draw any design they want. I did lines to create a rainbow.
  • Fill up your 2 cups of water halfway.
  • Dip the ends of the paper towel into each of the water cups and watch the magic!
  • Watch as the color climbs up the paper towel.

Flower Craft

@sandboxacademy Painted pasta flowers #preschoolart #thingsforkidstodoathome #thingsforkidstodo #keepingkidsbusy #kidsartsandcrafts ♬ Wildflower - the JaneDear girls

Supplies: Pasta. Construction paper. Glue. Markers.

  • Paint your pasta in different fun colors. Not mandatory but it adds to the fun!
  • Grab a blank sheet of paper and have your kiddo draw different colored circles. These are the inside of the flower.
  • Glue the pasta to make the flower petals around the circle.
  • Have your kiddo draw stems or any other decorations on the construction paper.

There are 4 more activities in the summer unit in my Etsy shop plus fine motor journal pages. I know you will love them and the templates. 

Does the idea of a summer schedule make you feel right at home or full of anxiety? I wrote a blog post with a full-on summer schedule for families with young kids! I am using this schedule to navigate our days this summer! Check out the blog post here!


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    Great activities for the summer ! I didn’t know you were on Etsy! Thanks for sharing.

    July 05, 2023

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