Dot Sticker Activities

Dot Sticker Activities

My kids and I LOVE good dot sticker activities!

dot sticker activities

One of the best parts about teaching preschoolers is that you don’t need a fancy or expensive materials to help develop their skills…you can turn basically ANYTHING into a learning activity. And today, I am sharing 6 activities using dot stickers!

And yes, these activities are simple and don’t require many supplies, but don’t underestimate their effectiveness in building your preschoolers’ foundational math & literacy skills. The best part, these activities encourage learning in a fun, play-based way (which is the best way for our kids to learn) in my opinion.

Here are 6 ways to learn and play with dot stickers!

Dot Sticker Train: 

  • Draw a train on a piece of paper and write a letter on each of the train cars. 
  • Then write the same letters on the dot stickers (your train wheels) and ask your kiddo to match the wheels to the train.


  • Write different numbers on each dot sticker and randomly stick them to a blank piece of paper. 
  • Ask your preschooler to connect the dots with a marker or crayon. (If you are uber talented you can use the dots to make a picture) I'm not that talented, so I just randomly placed them all over the paper.

Number Values:

  • Draw 6 different rectangles on a paper and label each of them with a number. 
  • Invite your preschooler to add the correct number of dot stickers.

Color Match:

Use markers (use colors that are the same as the dots) to make spots on a piece of paper. 

Invite your preschooler to match the dot stickers to the correct dot on the paper.


  • Draw a line on a piece of paper. You can also create shapes or swirls for extra fun.
  • Have your kiddo cover the line with dot stickers.
  • You can do them in color patterns or just have fun and use any color in any order!

Name Activity:

  • Print out a template or draw circles with your kiddos letters in each of the circles spelling out their name.
  • Write the letters of their name on the colored dot stickers.
  • Have your kiddo match the dot sticker letters to their name on the paper.

Let me know if you try any of these simple activities. 

Want more dot sticker activities?

They are a staple in my Preschool Playbook

As you can see, there are endless activities and ideas you can create with super simple materials! And since I am all about making your life easier with genius ideas like these! I created The Preschool Playbook! It is created for moms and teachers of preschoolers and pre-kindergarteners. The activities in The Preschool Playbook take 2 minutes or less to set up, and you will engage your child in learning and play so that they are ready for kindergarten. 


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