Multicultural Toys and Art Supplies for Preschoolers

Multicultural Toys and Art Supplies for Preschoolers

Multicultural toys for preschoolers are valuable pieces in your playroom.

I am creating this list of diverse toys and art supplies because I believe it is incredibly important for all families and classrooms.

Play is the most important job our children have. I remind my kids regularly that play is their number one job. My job is to provide my kids with purposeful, diverse, open-ended toys.

We can add diverse toys and art supplies to their play so that while they complete the incredibly hard work of play, they are also learning to respect and accept people of color.

Before you look at this list and feel overwhelmed by the idea of needing to add to your child’s toy box, allow me to make a suggestion. Focus on what your child loves most. In my house, Reagan loves her dollhouse, and Derek loves superheroes and his army toys. So I bought black dolls for the dollhouse and black soldier action figures. Any other toys that I would like to own will be added to a wishlist for birthday and Christmas gifts.

Diverse Children’s Toys

I have divided my list into categories. We do not own all of the toys I have recommended, I too am a work-in-progress.

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