Let the Vlogging Begin

Let the Vlogging Begin

I decided to start vlogging a little. My goal is to show up as a normal mom of elementary kids, so you know basically me. I will be your non-aesthetic, lives in a normal sized house, and has an average income mom vlogger. 

It is actually really fun and 1 million percent motivating to clean when you have a camera rolling and there feels like there is a purpose to the cleaning (other than a clean house). 

Eric had a few questions about what the heck I was doing when I started filming myself doing dishes (there are worse things I can be doing) and brought the tripod in to the bedroom (not that kind of channel). 

Day 1 of Vlogging - Life as a Non-Aesthetic Middle Class Mom

It is nerve wracking because the majority of people who share their life in Vlog style are doing so in beautifully manicured spaces, lot of money, and perfect bodies. I have to remind myself that they are human too and they feel vulnerable just like I do. And if I can share in a way that makes more people feel seen, than it is worth while. Plus if I'm having fun it is worth while. 


@sandboxacademy Day 1 of vlogging - 5:30 AM Morning Routine Day In The Life Of A Stay At Home Mom For 5 30 To 8 AM SAHM Daily Routine Non- Aesthetic Mom Realistic Mom Routine SAHM Morning Routine 

Reagan's 8th Birthday Dinner

Do you go out to eat or make dinner at home? And you ever think of your oldest's birthday as the anniversary of you becoming a mom?  

@sandboxacademy 8 year old birthday dinner set up Make cupcakes Decorate for a birthday dinner 

Cupcake Cups | Rainbow Chip Cake Mix | Pink Backdrop

Stars Back Drop | 8 Balloon | Happy Face Napkins

Set a Timer to Clean - Productivity Hack

On the days when I am struggling to focus (likely because the house is a mess) or I really don't want to clean, I set a timer anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour. And then I clean as much as I can in that time frame. 

Usually that is enough to get my brain in a productive mindset.


@sandboxacademy Set a timer to clean your house Refresh your space 9 am - 10 am Tidy house leads to a productive day Think and feel better in a tidy home

short planter | tall planter | stanley cup dupe | reusable zipper bags

Saturday Morning Chores

Typically Saturday morning in the Lawson house includes video games followed by chores. And this Saturday we followed up with a trip to the nice movie theater in town. 


@sandboxacademy Saturday vlog of a stay at home mom with elementary kids Morning cartoons Saturday morning chores Went to the mall Movie Theater Family day 

Best Baby Gift for 2nd Time Moms

The key to giving a 2nd time mom (or even a first time mom) a gift she will LOVE is food. Provide her with meals, snacks (for nursing or older kids), and paper plates.  

@sandboxacademy Replying to @momma.eha the best gift for second time moms. A basket filled with paper plates, wipes, snacks, treats, a toy for their older kiddo, liquid iv and a food gift card

Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom of Elementary Aged Kids

Spoiler - after being a SAHM of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers this is a kush job. I'm busy but I can have thoughts. 

Something new I am trying - stop working about 30 minutes before the kids get home and so that when the kid get home they are greeted by a mom who is receptive vs still in work mode

@sandboxacademy Monday vlog of a elementary school aged mom. #nonasetheticmom #dayinthelifevlog #momofelementrykids #elementarymom #QuakerPregrain #ReadySetLift ♬ original sound - Emily | Preschool Activities


 Paralyzing Overwhelm 

I'm trying to implement more systems into my life so that feeling of having a never ending to do list doesn't stop me from working on it anymore. My friend Marla is a master at this and I am referring to her SAHM course a lot lately. 

(This is an affiliate link for Marla's course)

@sandboxacademy You know those days where you never stop going but you fail to cross anything off your to do list because you are too overwhelmed with your list to actually work on it. That was me today. #nonasethetic #nonasetheticmom #momvlog #momofyoungkids #puttingsystemsinplace #routines #productivevlog #eveningroutin #eveningreset ♬ original sound - Emily | Preschool Activities

Command Center 

This is where I keep my calendars, meal plan, and all the items I need easily accessible (Preschool Playbook, notebooks for work, kid's school papers).

This idea is from Marla and her Stay at Home Mom Course (affiliate link) 

@sandboxacademy Our command center is where I keep my family organized. Our calendars, meal plan, school work, and work notes are all stored in one place. This keeps the piles off our counters and nicely in their homes. #organizingtiktok #organizedmoms #gettingorganizedfinally #organizationalsystems #momhacksthatwork #systemsformoms #stayathomemomcontent #traditionalwife #mealplanners #nonasetheticmom #normalsizedhouse ♬ original sound - Emily | Preschool Activities

acrylic calendar | daily planner | chalk pens | wicker basket | white basket


Sunday Night Kitchen Reset 

An evening reset is a new idea to me, but it helps our morning routine run a little more smoothly and I am not a wake up before your kids kind of mom so I need all the help I can get in the morning. 

@sandboxacademy Sunday night kitchen refresh Sunday evening vlog No more sunday scaries Prepping for monday morning Weekend reset Kitchen reset #GetCrackin #sundaynightroutine #nomoresundayscaries #kitchencleanup #momofkids2 #momsintheir30s #averagemomtok #normalmomtok #thelastofus #sundaynightvlog ♬ original sound - Emily | Preschool Activities


 Best Parenting Advice I Ever Got

Befriend a mom who is a step a head, but not too far. 

@sandboxacademy Best parenting advice you've ever received Running errands #momerrands #tnmom #knoxvilletennessee #knoxvillemom #errandswithme #dayinmylife #MomsofTikTok #errands #mondayerrands #minivlog #shopping #averagemom #notthatgirl #youngmom #motivation #productivity ♬ original sound - Emily | Preschool Activities

backpack purse | trunk organizer

Thursday Morning Routine Vlog

How do we feel about overall shorts?


@sandboxacademy How do we feel about overalls? Get ready with me Morning routine of a stay at home mom with elementary aged kids #realisticmomtok ♬ original sound - Emily | Preschool Activities

 Stanley Cup Dupe | overall shorts 

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