Full Booty Coverage Swimsuits for Women

Full Booty Coverage Swimsuits for Women

When it comes to swim wear I am looking for 2 things, full booty coverage and still feminine/flirty(ish).

I want to be able to swim and run around with my kids while still looking cute.

I bought a few swimsuits this year and last year that were recommended by my favorite influencers. They promised that the suits would be perfect for moms and not cheeky. But on our most recent vacation I found that I was 2 for 2 on swimsuits that were very cheeky.

I think I may have a bit more cheeks than the Jens. Eric said they were talking about cheeks, not ba-donk-a-donks 😂😂.

I have zero interest in giving the neighborhood kids a show at the community pool so it is time to shop.

Full Booty Coverage Swimsuits

In stories, this community suggested the following brands:

  • Summersault
  • Calia
  • Coral Reef
  • Swimsuits for All
  • June Loop

But everyone of these suggestions came with the caveat that they are pricey. Like the most expensive swimsuits you ever purchased. Like $95+ for a swimsuit.

I just can’t quite do that.

I decided to give Target one more chance. I searched “high coverage” and I’m pretty impressed with what I found in terms of cute/flirty. And I found myself checking out women’s bums more than ever 😂😂 to see if the coverage was what I was looking for.

Black Scallop Neck | Blue Plaid| Hunter Green | Black V Neck | Cheetah Print | Red Ruffles


I haven’t gotten these yet to try one and report back on their coverage. But target is having a 30% off sale and I wanted to share before it ends.

All these full booty coverage swimsuits are $25-$35 which is much more doable for me.

Hope you are having an amazing start to summer and you have the best time this year swimming and playing with your kiddos.

I’m so glad you are here and part of my life.

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