Easter Games for the Family

Easter Games for the Family


Easter Games and Activities that will Make the Whole Family Smile


One of my family’s favorite Easter traditions is our big Easter Eggstravaganza. Part of that includes a bunch of super silly Minute To Win It style games with an Easter Bunny seal of approval. This will have your whole crew giggling ensuring tons of fun Easter memories being made. Here are a few of our favorite Easter games for families.

Silly Games for the Family

We were invited on Living East Tennessee to share a few of our favorite Easter Games. 


Bunny Tail Scoop

  • Lay cotton balls on the counter.
  • Cover your eyes with a blindfold and scoop the cotton balls into a bowl for 1 minute.
  • The one with the most amount of cotton balls wins.


Peep Knock Down

  • Place 5 Peeps per person at the end of a table.
  • Come to the other side of the table & roll an egg towards the peeps.
  • First one to knock off all their peep wins.


Jelly beans Scoop and Transfer

  • Use a spoon to scoop jellybeans out of a bowl and into a cup.
  • The person with the most jelly beans in a minute wins.


Egg Toss

  • Partner game.
  • One partner throws an Easter egg
  • The other partner catches the egg with the Easter basket.
  • If you're using a plastic Easter basket, add a little Easter grass so they don't bounce out


@sandboxacademy 4 last minute games to try this Easter. Easter Games - Minute to Win It Style 🥄Cotton Ball Scoop: Blindfolded scoop the cotton balls into a bowl. The person with the most cotton balls in 1 minute wins. 🐥Peep Knock Down: place 5 peeps at the end of the table per player. Each player rolls an Easter Egg to knock down their peeps. First one to knock down all their peeps WIns 🌼 Jellybean Transfer: Holding a spoon in your mouth, scoop jellybeans from a bowl into your cup. The person with the most in a minute wins. 🧺Egg Toss: This is a partner game. One partner tosses Easter eggs to the other partner who catches them with their Easter basket. (If you're using a plastic Easter basket, add some Easter grass to the bottom so they don't bounce right out). #easteractivityforkids #minutetowinit #minutetowinitgames #minutetowinitkids #eastergames #lastminuteeasteridea #lastminuteeaster #familygamenightchallenge #familygamesidea #easter2023 ♬ The Champion - Carrie Underwood

Jelly Bean Races

  • Use a child spoon to pick up a jelly bean. Race to the end of the yard and place your jelly bean in a jar.
  • If you drop your jelly bean, you have to go back to the beginning and start over.
  • At the end of a minute the person with the most jelly beans in their jar wins.
  • Make it harder for grown ups by having them hold the spoon in their mouth.



Easter Egg Golf

  • Time to put your putting skills to the test.
  • Create a simple “golf course” by laying down a cup.
  • Place a plastic egg on the ground and use a golf club or a stick to hit it into the cup.
  • To make your course a little more challenging, use a pool noodle or blocks to create ramps, tunnels, and other obstacles.



Easter Egg Corn Hole

  • If you have a corn hole set up, you already have everything you need.
  • Grab some of those Easter egg and start tossing them instead of your bean bags.

Corn hole is such a crowd pleasing game it just makes sense to include it in our Easter party games list.

It is an activity that does require some skill, but at the same time anyone in the family can join in and have fun. If college kids can be successful with it at a tailgate after a few drinks, you, your pre-teen, and your toddler can have fun with it and be successful too.


Hopstacle Course

Use the toys in your backyard to create an obstacle course for the kids.

Get creative with what you have:

  • A wooden board can be a balance beam
  • Buckets can be obstacles you zig zag through
  • Lawn chairs can be tunnels you crawl under


To make this more on theme as an Easter game for the family, surprise your kids with bunny ears to wear as they play! Even better get a pair for the whole family (dad too) and make sure to take photos with your ears on


Bunny Bowling

  • Gather your water bottles, empty creamer bottles, or toilet paper rolls.
  • You will need 10 to create bowling pins.
  • Make the pins look like bunnies by drawing a face and whiskers and glueing on some paper ears.
  • Set the bunnies up like bowling pins and roll a ball towards to start bowling.


Stick a Tail on the Bunny

  • On a piece of large butcher paper draw a bunny from the back.
  • Cut circles out of construction paper and glue cotton balls to it to serve as a tail.
  • Add tape to the bunny tail.
  • Blind fold your kids one at a time and have them stick their bunny tails on the bunny the best they can.


Of course the classic Easter activities for the family like dying eggs and going on an eggs round out our Easter party. But it is always extra fun to add a few twists.


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More Easter Family Traditions

If you have a favorite Easter tradition or tip, I would love to hear it. Share them in the comments.


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