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Bookish Play - Creating Activities Based on Books

Written by Guest Contributor Beth Ann

Have you heard of bookish play? It is a new(ish) fun term that basically describes activities inspired by books. It is a playful way to combine your child’s love of reading with their love of activities. Or maybe you have a kiddo who is lacking interest in books or activities. Bookish play could be the solution. You can strategically use an activity to inspire your child to read a book. Or you can use a favorite book to get your child interested in trying an activity.

But you get the point right, we are combining reading and activities to bring books to life. This helps our kids comprehend a text and make connections on a deeper level.

Here are three ways to bring literacy to life by incorporating bookish play in your home this week!

3 Ways to Engage in Bookish Play

Books and Baking

blueberry muffins, blueberry muffin mix, and the book blueberries for sal to show how baking is a form of bookish play

You can’t go wrong pairing a simple baking mix and a book. Nothing brings a book about food to life more than trying that food. Your kids go from reading about it, to touching, smelling, tasting, and seeing the food that they just read about. All of their sense are involved in the learning process.

Plus, they get literacy, an activity, and a snack for the ultimate fail proof snacktivity!

Example: Blueberry muffin mix goes perfectly with Blueberries for Sal (a super cute classic if you haven’t checked it out before!).

Baking together teaches kids practical life skills in the kitchen, stirring provides calming sensory input, and kids gain real life experience that helps them connect with and comprehend texts.

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Story Basket

Pop a few toys and books on the same topic in a basket. Boom! It’s a bookish play story basket. This can be adapted to whatever toys your kiddos have and love.

It’s an easy book based activity that encourages open ended play, vocabulary development, and high interest reading. Read aloud as your kids act out the story to boost comprehension and spark interest in the text.

Example: We love Winnie the Pooh around here, so combining our characters with a library book was an easy peasy win!

Bookish Sensory Play

Books, animal toys, and a sensory bin as the habitat are always a hit!

This is a great way to bring nonfiction books to life, expand vocabulary, and spark imaginative play.

Examples: Pandas and rice, zebras and play dough, and even wild animals with chickpeas make for exciting sensory play.

Remember that children can actively play and listen while we read aloud – they’re learning and making meaningful connections.

Read these posts for the low down if you’re apprehensive about sensory play or play dough.

Creating memories and fostering a love of reading through activities based on books doesn’t have to expensive or labor intensive. These are three ways you can make bookish play part of your everyday!

Beth Ann

Beth Ann

Guest Contributor

Beth Ann is an elementary teacher and principal turned SAHM to twins plus one and creator of Low Lift Fun! As an educator and parent, she knows we’re all striving to grow our kids as readers! In her home that means fostering a love of reading and developing the foundational literacy skills our children will need. Follow her on Instagram @lowliftfun.

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