Writing is often a VERY boring skill to learn. Most of the time it is done with the dreaded worksheet. Here at the Sandbox we try to spice it up a little and eliminate as many worksheets as possible. One way we do that is with our Writing in Seed activity.

This activity will allow your Lil’ Creator to work on forming capital letters and sight words in a fun kinesthetic way.

Grab a copy of your FREE letter and sight word flashcards HERE. These cards will be used as a reference while your Creator writes.

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Can identify all capital letters and most sounds (C,M,A, T,S, & R)
  • Recognize sight words (I, my, you, is, are, the, of, and, can, like)


  • Can form all capital letters (C,M,A, T,S, & R)

Required Materials

Writing in Seed Flash Cards


Bird Seed

Step #1

Pour the seeds or beans into the tray (you may want to do this for your child to prevent spilling)

Step #2

Use the flash cards as a reference

Step #3

Trace the capital C in the seed

Step #4

Gently shake the tray to erase the letter

Step #5

Repeat these steps for all the capital letters and the sight words

Step #6

Keep your seeds as they will be used multiple times this month

Teacher Tip

You will probably have to model this for your child so that they will know what to do.


Share your thoughts with us and post some videos of your Lil’ Creators writing!