Winter Games Calendar & Supplies – February 2018

Winter Games Calendar & Supplies – February 2018
Y’all the 2018 Winter Olympics are upon us!
The winter games start February 9th and I am beyond excited.
 I love watching the games and I can’t wait to watch them with my Lil’s.
The Winter Games have inspired this month’s theme as our Lil’s will learn about letters, numbers, shapes, and more through activities inspired by the olympics.
Grab your February Calendar below!

Lil’ Explorers Calendar

Lil’ Creators Calendar

Lil’ Explorers Supplies List

February Supplies
  • Paper Plate
  • *Toilet Paper Tubes
  • *Clothespins
  • Stapler/Tape
  • *Craft Sticks
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • *Roll of Paper
  • *Yarn
  • *Straws
  • Paper Towel Roll
  • Tissue Paper
  • Cupcake Liner
  • Cardboard
  • Ice Tray
  • Pool Noodle
  • Foil
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Ribbon
  • Pom Poms
  • Heavy Duty Tape
  • Broom
  • Contact Paper
  • Blocks
  • Wrapped Rolos
  • Hershey Kisses
  • Mini Reese’s
  • Squirt Bottle
  • Wax Paper
  • Coffee Stirrer
  • Recyclables
  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Magnet
February Book - Explorers

Game of Gnomes

Lil’ Creators Supplies List

You can find this month’s lessons below or by entering the lesson title in the search bar!

Winter Games Beginning Sound Cards

Learning letter (and numbers, but this is a letter activity) is all about repetition. The more times you present information to your Lil', the more they are going to understand and comprehend it. Of course, you also need to present the information in new and exciting...

Winter Games Silhouette Match

Matching is an important skill that will help your Lil' down the road both in reading and math. Our Lil' Explorers are working on matching with this simple low prep activity. We put a small twist on it to make it a little more challenging. Grab a FREE copy of the...

Snowboarding STEM Trails

We're breaking out the craft supplies and gearing up our engineering skills as we begin our adventure into the snowboarding events! This is a fun and fairly simple activity that will keep your Lil' entertained for at least 30 minutes. Lil' Explorers Focus Skills...

Game of Gnomes – Read with a focus on Making Connections

Making connections is my favorite part of literature. I think it is Rea's favorite too! Our Lil's love when we point out how they personally can relate to the text. Eventually this will drive our children's kindergarten teachers crazy as they will be interrupted every...

Ski Jumping

Ya'll, this is the EASIEST craft EVER! And your Lil's will think it is AH-MAZE-ING!!! We are in full STEM mode as this activity incorporates engineering, science, and math! Grab a FREE copy of the Ski Jumping Template in the Required Materials section below. Lil'...

Winter Games Vocabulary

We want to start encouraging our Lil' Creators to write more and more. This simple vocabulary activity will do just that! With this activity we are working on recognizing that a group of letters are words and that words convey meaning. This is an essential pre-writing...

Figure Skating Shapes

Watching the Olympics has me thinking I'm basically a world class figure skater! I may be getting a little carried away... However, I am going to get my figure skating fix with this simple sensory "bin" activity. Grab a FREE copy of the Figure Skating Shapes Template...

Alpine Skiing Game

Rea got a few games for her birthday and she is really excited to play them, however she is struggling with the whole following the rules and taking turns thing... I am excited to teach her though because (hello!) that means game nights are in my future! This activity...

Medal Counting

Are you ready for a super simple math activity? The games are about half-way through now so it is time to count our medals. Our Lil's will be working on their number sense as they count their medals and find the corresponding number. Bonus- there is ALMOST no prep...

Salt Dough Medals

The Olympics are in full swing and surely your Lil' has earned a medal by now. So let's make their medal and have them wear it around like a true olympian! This activity will engage your Lil' creative skills and their fine motor skills. Lil' Explorers Focus Skills...

I is for Ice Skates

Our Lil' Explorers are working on the letter I today. During the winter games, "I" HAS to be for Ice Skate as so many of the winter games events require ice skates. Teach your Lil' about the letter I with our simple craft. Grab a FREE copy of the I is for Ice Skate...

Ice Skate Craft

Sometimes crafts are just that, crafts. But don't let that keep you from doing this activity. I love this activity because it allowed Rea to be all sorts of creative. Figure skating and speed skating are my favorite events in the Winter Olympics so they have inspired...

Ice Skating

I have been so excited to share this activity with you all. Working on our name and sight words is way more exciting when we are up and moving. So today, we are going to move like ice skaters as we skate for our name and sight words and believe me, these skates are...

Game of Gnomes – Read with a Focus on Recalling Details

Even though your Lil' is not reading on their own, they are developing their reading skills and becoming a better reader every time you read to them. Have you noticed how much their reading comprehension skills are improving? It is amazing to me as I watch this...

Adding Medals

Adding seems like a concept for older kids right. I always thought it was a 1st grade skill. In the traditional sense, it totally is a 1st grade skill. Adding numbers using number sentences and symbols is NOT a preschool skill at all, but adding using manipulatives...

Olympic Fizzy Rings

Jenae over at I Can Teach My Child shared this activity during the Summer Olympics and I knew Rea would love it as soon as I saw it. This is a spin on the classic baking soda and vinegar volcano activity. It is a great way to explore science, sensory skills, and...

Hockey Sorting

Sorting is a valuable skill because it demonstrates that your Lil' can see various characteristics and distinguish a pattern based on those characteristics. And of course, as I have said a MILLION times, patterns are the key to math. We are putting a little spin on...

I Love You to Pieces

We're taking a small break from all things Olympics and focusing on Valentine's day for a minute. Cause I mean, is it really Valentine's Day with kids if you don't have some sort of heart shaped art with a catchy phrase? This craft it great for working on creative...

Winter Games Measuring

We are measuring our Winter Olympics gear in this activity. Toddlers and Preschoolers are not ready to measure using inches or centimeters, but they can begin to understand the concept of measurement using objects. This activity is super easy, low prep, and will...

Olympic Rings Painting

Want some Olympics inspired process art? Our Olympic Rings Painting is a fun way to work on colors and fine motor skills while also being creative. Check out this simple, low-prep activity.Lil' Explorers Focus Skills Visual Arts Use a variety of visual art materials...

Olympic Rings Number Puzzles

Reading gets a HUGE push in school but, while it is totally warranted, I have to say that math does not get as much credit as it deserves. Granted I was a math and science teacher so I am a little biased. With that said, we are working on numbers and the various ways...

R is for Race

Both our Lil' Explorers and Lil' Creators are working on the letter R this month. The olympics are a competition so it makes sense that the letter R is for Race. Learn about the letter R and the sound it makes with this activity! Grab a FREE copy of the R is for Race...

T is for Torch

The torch is iconic in the olympics. The olympic games started in ancient Greece and the passing of the torch symbolizes the tradition of passing the olympics along from generation to generation. We already made a torch to prepare for the games, but now we are combing...

A is for Alpine

We're working on another letter craft with this activity. Our Lil' Creators are working on letter A again and this time A is for Alpine as in the mountains that our Olympians are skiing and snowboarding down! Grab a FREE copy of the A is for Alpine template in the...

Broom Hockey

Kristina over at Toddler Approved introduced me to Broom Hockey and I LOVE it! You and your Lil' will too! We will will be using this activity to learn to spell our names and to work on our sight words. No templates needed for this super easy and low prep activity...

Ring Toss

This month is all about the Winter Games and you cannot do winter games without some games! So today we are going to work on some gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Games are also an excellent way to teach your Lil' about rules and following directions....

Number Curling

We're curling again! And I have done a little research this time so I know all the lingo. Our Lil's will be working on number recognition as they push their curling stone to the corresponding target. Grab your FREE Number Curling Template below in the Required...

Sledding Races

Your Lil' is going to LOVE this activity! We are bobsledding today! Grab your old pool noodle from the summer and get ready engage in some sled races. This activity will engage your Lil' in engineering skills, problem solving skills, and work on terms like 1st, 2nd,...

Shape Ice Painting

I saw this idea on Instagram over summer and I have been keeping it safe just for this moment. That is probably talking this idea up a little more than necessary, but it is a really fun idea that I know your Lil' will enjoy! For this activity we will be focusing on...

Olympic Rings Pom Pom Sort

Our Lil' olympians are working on identifying and sorting their colors in this activity. This one requires minimal prep and is sure to keep your Lil' entertained for a few minutes on their own so that you can catch up on some dishes or shamelessly enjoy your hot...

DIY Skis

Alright truth be told, I have never skied, nor have I participated in any other winter sport for that matter (except sledding though I don't know if that counts)... So I am certainly no expert on winter sports, but that won't stop me from making our DIY skis with Rea...

Hit the Slopes

We're hitting the slopes hard today! Our Lil's will be tracing and cutting the slopes that our olympic skiers and snowboarders are riding. This activity will encourage your Lil's to work on their cutting and writing skills and of course, that will improve their fine...

Winter Games Letter Practice Sheets

We have revamped our letter practice sheets now that we have gone though the alphabet twice already. Changing the way we present information gives our Lil's the opportunity to deepen their understanding. It also gives our Lil's that may not have understood before...

Winter Games Patterns

Have I told you how important patterns are in math before? Just kidding! I tell you EVERY. SINGLE. TIME we do patterns. What can I say! They are probably the most important skills in math (in my humble opinion) and yet I feel they are so underrated. Dr. Juanita Copley...

M is for Medal

I have to preface this post with an apology. I am sorry for the glitter... It is completely optional, but it definitely gives the medal a little extra pa-zaz! But I know, I know! Glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts! Every time you think you have gotten rid of it,...

S is for Skis

Both our Lil' Explorers and Lil' Creators are working on the letter S this month! During the Winter Olympics, there are so many "S" words to choose from and I decided to go with a classic: skiing! This is a simple letter craft that will work on creative skills, fine...

Ski Slopes

Movement + Literacy = LOVE I love any opportunity to make literacy an active game. So with this activity we are going to bob and weave on our skis through the letters of our name or our sight words. This activity is a great opportunity to work on identifying their...

Game of Gnomes Craft

Did you read Game of Gnomes? Do you love it? One of my favorite parts of teaching is connecting literature to crafts and other subjects. I always think it makes the text more meaningful and special. Plus, the craft is great for making connections to the book and...

Game of Gnomes – Read for Concepts About Print

Concepts about print are the foundation to reading and writing as they focus on the fact that letters make words and books are made of words which convey meaning. When our kids are little, we think about how sweet it is that our Lil's are "reading" their books upside...

C is for Curling

Our Lil' Creators are starting the alphabet for the 3rd time now. Are you noticing their letter recognition getting better? Have they started to recognize some of the sounds that go with the letters? It is amazing how much they can grow in such short amount of time....

Olympic Torch Craft

The Winter Olympics are starting February 9th in South Korea, but we will be celebrating all month long! Like true Olympians, we will start the celebrations off with the Olympic Torch. Engage your Lil's creative and design skills by teaching them about the Olympics...

Olympic Flag Painting

I know I have mentioned on more than one occasion that I LOVE handprint art. Our Lil's are only little for so long and I want all the memories and crafts that remind me of just how little they are. This handprint art activity is in honor of the Winter Olympics in...

Game of Gnomes – Read for Enjoyment

What value does your Lil' get out of reading daily? Reading to your Lil' has many benefits. teaches vocabulary teaches a love of reading teaches new concepts and subject matter 15 minutes of reading a day can lead to over 1 Million words per year! This month we have...

Winter Games – 5 Books We Love

Do you follow us on Instagram? Did you see our story where I was going through book after book about the Winter Olympics? There were so many good books to choose from. I have narrowed it down to 5 and I am super excited to share them with you! Tacky and the Winter...


Let us know what you think! We hope you are as excited about the Winter Games as we are!

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