Your Lil’ is going to LOVE this activity!

I promise!

BEST part – it is SUPER easy and no prep!

Second best part – they will be working on motor skills, measuring, and making connections to the Letter of the Week (U), but they will simply think they are coloring and playing.

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills

Gross  Motor Skills

  • Engage in non-locomotor body movements with balance, coordination, and control (twist and bend)
  • Demonstrate coordination in using objects during active play


  • Use nonstandard units to measure items (hand lengths, string lengths, etc.)

Visual Arts

  • Use visual arts to represent people, places, and things, with accuracy and detail
  • Explore the use of materials in a variety of different ways

Required Materials

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*Paper Plate or Bowl


*Stapler (Optional)

Step #1

Invite your Lil’ to color and decorate the bottom of a paper plate or bowl. This will become their UFO.

If you are using paper plates I recommend you staple two together with the bottom out on both sides so that it gives the UFO some depth.

Step #2

Once your Lil’ has created their UFO find a spot where you can toss it from.

Toss the UFO across the room. Then measure how far it went by counting how many steps you have to take to get to it.

(I recommend you let your Lil’ throw it a few times just for fun, before you encourage them to start measuring how far it went just so they can get some of their excitement out, because they will be excited to watch their UFO fly.)

Teacher Tip

You can elongate the coloring and decorating of the UFO by using materials such as sequins, paper shapes, and stickers to decorate. However, I do not recommend you use paint unless you plan on waiting till the next day to do the toss as the paint will need to dry before you throw your UFO in your house.


I would love to see pictures of your Lil’s UFO and videos of them in action! Share your Lil’s hard at work and let us know what you think of this activity.