If you have been with us for a little while, you might be wondering why we are changing books instead of re-reading our book and focusing on a different comprehension skill. That is normally our method, but this month since we are doing an author study, I have decided to switch books each week. We are doing so many activities based off of each book that you likely have already read the books more than once (five times over here) and thus are comprehending the book in a variety of ways through our activities.

This week, we are reading The Very Busy Spider and our activities will be based on this book.

Check out our review on The Very Busy Spider below.

Required Materials

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*The Very Busy Spider

The Very Busy Spider
Eric Carle’s book “The Very Busy Spider” is about a spider who is busy making her web and doesn’t have time to play with the other farm animals. She is hard at work which eventually pays off as her web helps her catch a fly to eat.

We love farm animals and their sounds, so the fact that this book includes farm animals and their sounds in the text is a major win!

We also love the fact that this book includes texture. If you wipe your hand across the book, you will feel that the web is raised. We enjoy tracing over the web.

Finally, we noticed after reading this book about 4 times, that the fly is on every page bothering the other animals until it is finally eaten by the fly at the end! Just goes to show that each time you read a book, you learn something new or notice details you didn’t see before.

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