So are you wondering why I have you reading the same book over and over this month (and every other month)? I mean, I gave you a library list of book recommendations and yet I keep writing about one book. So here’s the deal, reading the same book over and over allows your Lil’ to build their vocabulary and comprehend the book better each time they read it. I use this comparison a lot, but it is just like watching a movie for the second or third time (or in my case Harry Potter for the 500th time). Each time you watch it, you notice new details or you think about a scene in a new way. The same process is happening for our Lil’s with books when we read it over and over, thus I encourage you to read the same book multiple times.

This week we will be reading the book Ten Rules for Being a Superhero for the 4th time and we will start incorporating some recall skills were we see if (and help) our Lil’ comprehend and remember parts of the book.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Interact with and recall details from a text that was read aloud

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Recall details from a text that was read aloud

Required Materials

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*Ten Rules for Being a Superhero

Recalling Details
Recalling details is a challenging skills that can be learned through modeling and practice. Here are some of the details Rea noticed or I asked her about.

  • Why is he cleaning?  – His momma said it was too messy.
  • He (Captain Magma) is strong, has lava eyes, and is nice.
  • He is eating a cupcake!
  • He is climbing the ladder!

Teacher Tip

Your Lil’ may not say much and you may feel like you are doing all the recalling details and answering your own questions (Bueller… Bueller…) What your Lil’ is doing is watching and listening. They are taking in how you interact with the text and soon they will begin responding and interacting with the text on their own. Just because they are not responding right now doesn’t mean you should skip it.

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