We are continuing with our T is for Taco concept by celebrating Taco Tuesday! This activity requires your Lil’ to follow a recipe (i.e. follow directions), reinforces our T is for Taco concept, and is great pretend play.
Grab a FREE copy of the Taco Tuesday Template in the required materials section of this post.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills

Speaking and Listening

  • Follow two-step directions

Algebraic Thinking

  • Count from 0-10
  • Understand values of numbers 0-10


  • Identify common 2-dimensional shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles, heart, star, circle, semi-circle, oval, diamond

Visual Arts

  • Identify basic colors


  • Engage in pretend play
  • Utilize familiar props for their intended purpose (use a phone to call someone) and invent new purposes for them

Required Materials

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Taco Tuesday Template


Step #1
Print and cut out the Taco Tuesday template.
Step #2

Fold a yellow circle in half with the yellow color facing out. This will be your taco shell.

Step #3
Follow each taco recipe and add the corresponding ingredients to your taco.
Step #4

“Enjoy” your taco.

Step #5

Repeat this process for all 4 recipes.

Teacher Tip

There all only enough taco ingredients for one taco to be made at a time. This is to keep you from having to cut out a million shapes. However, you can print 4 copies of the ingredients (the shapes page) so that you can make all 4 tacos at once or you can use precut foam shapes if you have some on hand.


Let us know what you think of this activity on following directions. We always love hearing your feedback. Be sure to share our post on social media by clicking one of the buttons below!

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