I am frequently asked, “How do I get started teaching letters to my Lil’,” and I consistently tell people to start with their Lil’s name. Kids are interested in themselves and thus, learning about their name is uber interesting to them.  So we’re working on our name again. This time, we’re putting our name on our super cape! Well, really a paper cape that we are drawing, but you get the idea…
This activity will work on your Lil’ identifying their name, the letters in their name, and writing their name.
Grab a FREE copy of the template in the Required Materials section below.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Recognizes name
  • Identify the letters in name


  • Begins to write name

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Recognizes name
  • Identify the letters in name


  • Can write name

Required Materials

*Affiliate Link

Super Cape Name Template

*Roll of Paper




Step #1
Print and cut out the Super Cape Name Template.

Write your Lil’s name on the stars.

Step #2
Tape a large piece of paper to the wall.
Step #3
Draw the outline of a cape on the paper.

*Highly recommend an adult do this to keep from accidentally drawing on the walls.

Step #4
Write your Lil’s name on the cape.
Step #5
Have your Lil’ tape the letter stars to the corresponding letter on the cape.

Teacher Tip

Make this activity harder by not writing the letters on the cape and having your Lil’ put the letters on the cape in order on their own.

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