We talked about 3 ways you can teach your child to ask for help in the last edition of our 5 Skills Essential for Kindergarten series, but those were written for adults. What about when it comes to your Lil’?
Today’s social story is about teaching your Lil’ when they should ask for help and how to do it.
I have mentioned before that social stories are written to teach children a specific social skill. They are very direct and action focused, which means they also lack beautiful story telling.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills

Adult Interactions

  • Seek help from an adult

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills

Adult Interactions

  • Seek help from an adult

Required Materials

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Social Story - Asking for Help

Step #1
Print or download our Asking for Help social story.

You can read this as an e-book if you download the PDF.

Step #2
Read the Asking for Help social story to your Lil’.
Step #3
Talk to your Lil’ about specific scenarios when they should ask for help.

For example, they should ask for help if they want something off the top shelf instead of them climbing the cabinets to get it down.

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