There are three types of learners:

Visual – learn by watching

Auditory – learn by listening

Kinesthetic – learn by doing/physical activities.

No single learning type is best and often we have a dominant learning type, but we can still learn through the other methods. When I was teaching in the classroom, I found that we often forgot to teach our kinesthetic learners because their skills were not tested. However, not focusing on kinesthetic learning strategies is a huge disservice to all our children and thus I do my best to incorporate as much hands-on learning experiences as possible.

Today’s sand letters and sight words activity is a perfect example of including kinesthetic learning. Grab a FREE copy of the template HERE!

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Can identify all capital letters and most sounds (L,P,O,B,J,F)
  • Recognize sight words (I, my, you, is, are, the, of, and, can, like)


  • Can form all capital letters and some lower case letters

Required Materials

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Sand Letters & Sight Words Template




Step #1

Print out the Sand Letters and Sight Words Template and cute out the letter squares.

Step #2

Apply glue to each letter and pour sand on the glue.

Step #3

Pour off the excess sand and allow it to dry a minute.

Step #4

Trace over the sand letters and be sure to vocalize what letter you are practicing.

Teacher Tip

The last step of tracing over the sand letters with your finger is incredibly important since it is what makes this a kinesthetic activity.


Have to noticed what type of learner your Lil’ is? Are they kinesthetic? Let us know.