Rays or Sting Rays are fascinating to me. And my fascination with them has grown since Moana came out! We are HUGE Moana fans in our house!
This activity is allows your Lil to use common goods in new and inventive ways as we will be using a coffee filter as paper and markers as watercolor!
Side Note: After doing this craft we visited the New England Aquarium and were able to touch the rays! We were all beyond excited and watching Rea make the connections between the live sea animals in the aquarium and all of our activities was AMAZING!!
Grab a copy of the FREE letter R template HERE, and learn about the letter R with us!

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Can identify all capital letters and some sounds (R)

Visual Arts

  • Use a variety of visual art materials (paint, markers, crayons, clay) with minimal adult assistance
  • Use visual arts to represent people, places, and things, using spatial awareness to coordinate the features of the representation
  • Explore the use of materials in a variety of different ways

Required Materials

*Affiliate Link

*R is for Ray Template



*Construction Paper


*Paint Brushes

*Coffee Filter


Step #1

Print out our R is for Ray template.

Step #2

Use markers to color a coffee filter, it is okay if there are white spots.

Step #3

Use a wet paint brush to get the colored coffee filter wet. This will make the markers bleed creating a watercolor effect, the more water you use the more the markers will bleed.

Step #4

While the coffee filter dries, cut out the R is for Ray template and glue it on a piece of construction paper.

Step #5

Fold your dry coffee filter in half and cut a slightly rounded angle from the non-folded side.

Step #6

Unfold the coffee filter and glue the body of the ray on the rounded portion of the R and draw a face for your ray.

Step #7

Take the piece of the coffee filter that you cut off and use it at the tail of the ray going down the vertical line of the R.


Show us your Ray! How did your Lil’ like this activity?