Bug Activity Box

2 Kids

Let education start at home and on a fun note. With all the awesome activities ready for you to create, explore, and play inside The Sandbox Co-Operative Box, you’ll love teaching as much as your kids love learning.

Co-created with education experts and creatives, this themed activity box is jampacked with 7+ DIY play-based activities and art projects that build preschoolers' core skills, imagination, and confidence in preparation for kindergarten and 7 fine motor activity pages. 

Let kids experience the world of bugs with hands-on activities, crafts, recipes, and stories in this Bug Box.

Boxes can be customized to include materials for up to 2 kids. Activities are suited for kids ages 3-5 years old. You will need to provide glue, scissors, and markers.


Build a positive space where kids can create, learn, and make happy memories with you. Get started with just one box.

Make precious moments with your budding explorers exciting and educational. Pinterest meets preschool in The Sandbox Co-Op Box!

Discover a curated collection of pin-worthy crafts and learning projects that are all fun for preschoolers and no fuss for parents.

Whether it’s discovering math through games or getting messy with paints, little learners will love making sense of the big world through play. Lesson plans are aligned with Common Core standards, ensuring they succeed in school and in life.

What moms are saying

Add-on bundle


Little ones won’t stay little for long. Spend intentional time together and teach them even at your busiest with the help of one magical book.

Guide them in the big world with over 300 wonderful activities—in arts, science, math, and even cooking—that only take 2 minutes each to prep and are a lot of fun to do.

Reach milestones together every single day with The Preschool Playbook.


Do you need to buy The Co-Op Box and The Preschool Playbook together?

No. Both are nice to have, especially if you’ve got active kids. But they are two separate products that do not rely on each other. While they offer the same style of activities, they differ in the number of activities and the level of DIY you have to do.

The Co-Op Box has 21+ activities and comes with all the materials you need prepped and ready for you. You’ll just need your own scissors, glue, and markers. The Preschool Playbook, on the other hand, is filled with 300+ activities, which require you to provide all of the materials and do the prep work.

What age range is this for?

The Co-Op Box is perfect for kids between the ages of 3 and 5.

Customer Reviews

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Kathleen LaVine

The co-op box is the best! My kids get so excited when the box arrives and immediately start asking to do activities. Literally everything is prepped for you and the activities are fun and educational (something this former teacher LOVES and appreciates). I am so thankful to have found Emily at Sandbox academy, she’s passionate, kind, approachable, and truly has created amazing products that kids love.

Laura Twigg
Pinterest in a box!

This box was more than I could have imagined. I have 3 littles 4, 4, and 3 years old. I was a former teacher and love projects but lost the joy of the prep work for my own children. Opening this box and seeing I had all the materials at my fingertips and the prep work was done was absolutely amazing! I called it Pinterest in a box because it’s things I would find and save and never follow through on. This box made it easy and now my only problem is not doing all the projects in one day 😂 thank you for the amazing box!

Cassandra Jennings
A huge hit with my boys!

The co-op box is amazing and I love that it takes the guess work out of everything. I also love that it comes with everything you need and I don’t have to shop for the supplies. My boys love it and ask everyday what craft are we going to do today and they are so proud of their work and love hanging their stuff up for display.

Good, but could be improved

We have really enjoyed Sandbox. We love the concept and everything Sandox has provided. Our daughter wakes up every morning excited to find out what her next activity will be! I think each subject is fun and age appropriate. There were a few things I noticed that could be improved. Each subject as well as all related materials should be in a packet together. The materials should be labeled (or numbered) to indicate what materials go with each activity. This may help parents spend less time organizing the subject materials and allow more time with their children. This is our first box - we’re looking forward to ordering again!

Nicole Sherwood
I love it!

It makes things so so easy! I love it!