*Pre-Order* Preschool Playbook Printed Copy


Play. Create. Cook.

The Preschool Playbook is designed to guide you through teaching your child or students. The curriculum is divided into 30-themed weeks where you and your child will engage in learning, play, art, STEM, and cooking. Each weekly unit contains daily book recommendations, 2 daily activities (one academic and one sensory/art), 1 recipe to cook with your child while using basic supplies and household items (ie, no fancy materials needed).


The Preschool Playbook is 

  • Manageable
  • Adaptable
  • Play-based
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Standards-Based
  • Intro to Cooking


There are 3 main components to this program

  1. Lesson Plan Book (185 pages) – detailed step by step instructions for each activity
  2. Template Book (75 pages) – to replace butcher paper activities if you prefer a printed copy
  3. Writing Journal (175 pages) – A guide to direct instruction and conversations where you explicitly teach letters, numbers, and shapes


Best for kids ages 3-5.

** This is a pre-order. Your books will not be sent to you until August. By pre-ordering you are earning a significant discount and ensure that you will receive a hard copy of the books. Ships free.

If you would like to see a sample unit download it here. Playbook Welcome Sample


Additional Info

Additional information

Printed Curriculum

A printed and bound copy of the curriculum will be sent to you. This will include all of the lesson plan book, template book, and the writing journal.


I  am a teacher turned  stay at home mom.  While I left the classroom to raise my kiddos, I still love all things education. My goal here is to share hands-on learning, sensory, art, and a few things I have learned as I have crossed over from the teacher life to mom life.

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