There are many reasons why we love books. Books give us the opportunity to explore adventures that we may otherwise never get to take. They allow us to learn about animals, cultures, and all the other amazing facets of the world. However, even when a book takes you into a far-off fantasy land, you find a way to connect with the text. You connect to characters and far off lands emotionally and you connect the non-fiction books to your previous knowledge about the world. The connections we make to books and other texts are the reason why you get excited as you pick up a new book. However, Lil’s need you to model this for them and teach them how to make these connections. 

Today as we read Planting a Rainbow we are going to focus on making personal connections to the text.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Making connections

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Making connections

Required Materials

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Planting A Rainbow*

Step #1

In teaching, we talk about making connections to other text, the world, and yourself. As you’re reading, help your Lil’ identify similarities between “Planting a Rainbow” and other books you have read this month. You can also compare the trip the child and her mom took to the garden center to your recent trip to the home improvement store. Connections can also be simple, such as your Lil’ pointing out the blue flowers and saying, “blue is my favorite color.”

Teacher Tip

It is okay if you are making all the connections for your Lil’ at first. This is a new skill for your him and it will take practice. Being a model for your child is an equally important step. Pretty soon, they will be making connections on their own and you will be in awe (or wondering how in the world they feel those two concepts are connected. My Lil’ can connect ANYTHING to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and it takes me awhile to follow her thought process).


Share with us the connections that you and your Lil’ made!