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Brown Bear Tissue Paper Art

My Instagram newsfeed is FILLED with people trying out bleeding tissue paper art. Now, I am not one who likes to miss out, so I decided to give it a whirl. I felt it would work  perfectly with Eric Carle because his art work is always so inspiring and encourages me to...

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Story Stones

Story stones are a simple and fun way to work on recalling details from a story. As soon as Rea saw the template for this activity, she started telling me the story of Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? which just made my heart melt. She liked re-telling the...

G is for Giraffe

Our giraffe inspiration comes from the book From Head to Toe. I have been thinking about how I would incorporate this book since I first came up with the idea of this blog (no, not this month's theme, this ENTIRE blog!) This is one of our absolute favorites and I knew...

Brown Bear Color Paper Chains

We have done paper chains before doing our Winter Wonderland theme and for Rea, they were a big hit. That girl LOVED using the stapler. It is amazing how much joy a little stapler can bring a toddler. We are making two paper chains again today and the focus will be on...

Brown Bear Color Hunt

Want to do an easy, low prep, activity that also cleans your house? This activity is going to get your Lil' moving as they search the house for toys in every color. You can make it work to your benefit by having them gather all the toys that are hanging around your...

B is for Butterfly

This activity is all over Pinterest and understandably so. It is simple, pretty, and screams spring. This particular B is for Butterfly craft is inspired by Crystal over at Crystal and Co. Her blog is adorable and has tons of great articles for families. This activity...

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Number Matching

So often I  hear people say they are bad at math and more often than not, it is because they see math as an abstract concept rather than a concrete one. We work a lot on recognizing numbers and their value because this shows our Lil's that numbers and math are...

Brown Bear Sensory Bin

You guys, my kids are suckers for a good sensory bin. Derek (my 16 month old) sees the bin come out of the closet and goes running to the play room to grab the tongs. He is a hands-on learner for sure and will thrive doing sensory learning. This sensory bin is another...

Brown Bear Vocabulary Cards

As parents we have been working on vocabulary with our Lil's since they were born. The more we talk to them, the more words they absorb. Now, while we still want them to grow their vocabulary, it is equally important that they begin to understand that verbal words can...

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