This activity at its heart is really just a silly and fun way to play with your Lil’ and make a connection to the book The Mixed Up Chameleon.
However, it does also have speech and language benefits.
Blowing on a party blower is a fun way to strengthen the muscles in your Lil’s mouth. Strengthening these muscles can aid in improving your Lil’s speech.
Please note: I am not a speech language pathologist and I am not giving you any therapy advice with this activity, if you have concerns about your Lil’s speech please consult with a professional in this area.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Make personal connection to text


  • Make predictions and perform experiments

Required Materials

*Affiliate Link

*Party Blower

*Pom Poms

Step #1
Ask your Lil’ what they think it is like to be a chameleon.

Would they want a long tongue that can shoot out?

Step #2
Line pom poms up along a table to serve as flies.
Step #3
Give your Lil’ the party blower and ask him if he wants to eat flies like a chameleon.
Step #4
Use the party blower to eat the flies (pom pom) by knocking them off the table.
Step #5

Ask your Lil’ to describe how chameleons eat flies.

This will bring the activity back full circle and remind them this was about a chameleon, not just being silly with the party blowers. Although being silly with “school work” is kinda our thing here…

Teacher Tip

I highly encourage you to take the opportunity to do this activity with your Lil’. Being silly with your Lil’ is priceless and I know I often forget to take the time to do it.

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