Well ya’ll, I have been doing my best to keep our letters practice sheets and the letters of the week coinciding with our theme for the month, but I think this month may have stumped me… I did my very best but letters Y & Z just didn’t go with dinosaurs. So bear with me this month as we will have just a few non-themed letter activities. (Next month will be back tour usually thematic fun!)
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Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Can identify all capital letters and most sounds (N, Q, V, X, Y, Z)


  • Can form all capital letters and some lower case letters (N, Q, V, X, Y, Z)

Fine Motor Skills

  • Coordinate the use of hands, wrists, and fingers to complete tasks that require more precise movements
  • Engage in activities that require hand-eye coordination with increasing accuracy

Required Materials

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*Letter Practice Sheets

*Play Doh


Step #1
Print a copy of the Dinosaur Letter Practice Sheets
Step #2
Use Play Doh to form the letter and then trace over it with your finger.
Step #3
Trace the letters and then try writing a few on your own.
Step #4

Repeat this process for all of the letters

Teacher Tip

A few of you have asked, why bother with the Play Doh? Using the Play Doh serves 2 purposes.
  1. Forming Play Doh requires fine motor skills. This means forming letters out of Play Doh will strengthen the muscles used to write and lead to your Lil’ being able to write their letters.
  2. It keeps learning fun which is one of our primary philosophies here at Sandbox Academy.


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