We are putting our dot stickers to good use today with our Letter Parking Lot activity. We will be using our creativity to design a small town on a piece of butcher paper and throughout the city, there will be places for each of out toy cars to park. 

This simple play activity is a great way to work on letter identification. 

Focus Skills


  • Can identify all capital letters and most sounds

Required Materials

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*Butcher Paper



*Toy Cars

Step #1
On a piece of butcher paper draw a small city with roads, buildings, and most importantly a letter parking lot.
Step #2

Label the letter parking lot with the focus letters for this month.

Step #3

Write the focus letters for the month on the stickers.

Step #4
Place one sticker on each car.
Step #5

Invite your preschooler to play with his cars and in the city and letter parking lot. 

Teacher Tip

You can adjust this to work on matching capital and lowercase letters, numbers and values, and sight words.