We are continuing with our lowercase letters this month for our Lil’ Creators.

Teach your Lil’ Creator about the letter l and the sound it makes with our librarian community helper.

Grab a FREE copy of our l is for librarian template HERE!

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Can identify all lowercase letters and some sounds (l)

Fine Motor Skills

  • Coordinate the use of hands, wrists, and fingers to complete tasks that require more precise movements
  • Engage in activities that require hand-eye coordination with increasing accuracy

Required Materials

*Affiliate Link

l is for the librarian Template

*Construction Paper





Step #1
Print and cut out the l is for librarian template.
We printed the l on yellow construction paper and the librarian on white paper.
Step #2
Color in the librarian and the stack of books.
You only need one librarian, but we included a boy and girl option.
Step #3

Glue the l on a piece of white paper.

Step #4

Glue the librarian over the l towards the top and the stack of books below the librarian.

Step #5

Label the paper l is for librarian.

Teacher Tip

As you’re doing these activities, it’s important that you’re talking to your Lil’ about the letter and the sound it makes. Really exaggerate the l sound in the word librarian.


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