Everyone on the farm has their own role or job and this activity will help teach your Lil’ Creator about the various jobs on a farm.
I’m really excited about this activity because it’s our first opportunity to integrate some technology. I can’t wait to get your feedback on how we’ve incorporated technology for  your Lil’.
Grab a FREE copy of the jobs on the farm activity HERE!

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Pose “what” and “why” questions about their surroundings


  • Control a screen using finger or mouse
  • Recognize that the different icons represent different apps/programs
  • Use parent selected internet games and apps
  • Launch and quit programs

Required Materials

*Affiliate Link

Jobs on the Farm Activity Link

Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone

Google Slides

Step #1

Open the link to Jobs on the Farm and when prompted press “Make a Copy.”

This will require that you have a Google account and Google Slides.

Step #2

Stay in edit mode (you are automatically in edit mode) so that you can interact with the slides.

Step #3
Read each description of the jobs on the farm to your Lil’ and ask them to move the correct picture into the empty box.
Step #4
Check your answer on the next slide.
Step #5

Continue this process until you identify each job on the farm.

Teacher Tip

Whether you are doing this activity on a tablet or a phone or a computer there is going to be a learning curve to navigating the technology. However, I love this interactive “worksheet” because it requires your Lil’ to work with and manipulate the technology.


Let me know what you think of this activity. I am dying for your feedback on this format! If you enjoyed it please be sure to share on social media.