Learning to identify letters and their sounds will take lots of practice.
We are going to practice just that today.
Our Lil’ Creators will be working on matching their capital and lowercase letters as well as identifying the sound each letter makes.
Grab a FREE copy of the Jingle Lights Letter Sound Recognition Template HERE.

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Can identify all capital letters and most sounds (D, E, H, I , J, W)
  • Can identify all lowercase letters and some sounds (d, e, h, i, j, w)

Fine Motor Skills

  • Coordinate the use of hands, wrists, and fingers to complete tasks that require more precise movements
  • Engage in activities that require hand-eye coordination with increasing accuracy

Required Materials

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Jingle Lights Letter Sound Matching Template



Step #1
Print and cut out the Jingle Lights Letter Sound Matching.
Step #2
Use the squiggly line (string of lights) to hang the lights.
Step #3
Hang (glue) the capital and corresponding lowercase letter on one string of lights.
Step #4
Sort and glue the lights by the beginning sound of the picture.

Teacher Tip

The more letters you are working on at once, the harder the activity will be.
Most of our Lil’ Creators will benefit from working on just one or two letters at a time as this will allow them to really focus on the initial sound of the word and the corresponding letter.