I is for intersection! Today’s Letter of the Week activity will teach your Lil’ about the letter I and it is a great opportunity to work on cutting and glueing skills. I know gluing skills seem like something I made up, but there really is an art to it. I recommend you start with a glue stick as there is much less opportunity to end up with a disaster. Even with a glue stick, know that there will be a mess as they are learning. They will either use too much or too little glue and their fingers will be

S T I C K Y !

But don’t let that discourage you. This is an important skill for them to learn. I promise, your Lil’s Kindergarten teacher will thank you for teaching them!

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Can identify all capital letters and most sounds

Visual Arts

  • Use a variety of visual art materials (paint, markers, crayons, clay) with minimal adult assistance
  • Use visual arts to represent people, places, and things, with accuracy and detail

Fine Motor Skills

  • Coordinate the use of hands, wrists, and fingers to complete tasks that require more precise movements
  • Engage in activities that require hand-eye coordination with increasing accuracy

Required Materials

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*White Paper

*Glue Stick

*Construction Paper


*Toy Car (Optional)

Step #1

Cut 3 strips of black construction paper about 2 inches wide.

Step #2

Cut off one third of the paper on 2 of the black strips

Step #3

Glue the long strip of paper vertically in the middle of the white paper

Step #4

Glue one of the smaller strips horizontally at the top of the long strip of paper.

Repeat this step with the second strip of paper at the bottom.

Step #5

Cut 3-4 skinny strips of yellow paper. (I used a piece of scrap yellow paper)

Clip these strips into little pieces about 1 inch long. (This is perfect cutting practice for a beginner because it only requires one snip versus multiple cuts.)

Step #6

Glue the little yellow pieces to create the lines on the road.

Step #7

Label the paper I is for Intersection and encourage your Lil’ to use a toy car to drive along the I road, making sure to stop at the intersection.


Let us know how your Lil’ did with the cutting and gluing and what you thought of this activity. Share pictures with us of your Lil’ working.