Trying to setup your own at-home preschool for your Lil’ can be intimidating (believe me, I know). With all my mom-friends sending their children to traditional preschools, I wasn’t sure what to do. I knew I wanted to teach my two Lil’s from home, but I had no idea where to start. As a former teacher, I knew what my kids needed to know, I just needed to figure out the best way to get it into their brains!

After weeks of prep, followed by a few months of practice homeschooling my two toddlers, I had perfected my techniques. Helping other homeschooling parents is my passion, so here are my three biggest rules for success for starting an at-home preschool!

If you have a question or want to share your own homeschooling techniques, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Doing multiple lessons and activities a day can get messy in a hurry, so keeping your supplies organized and easily accessible is crucial. I was able to accomplish this by buying a crate to store my supplies. My cute little box holds all my basic supplies: pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, glue, and paintbrushes. Believe me, having all the little trinkets needed for your next lesson tucked away nice and neat in a little box will make the task much more enjoyable!setup home preschool
Be Prepared

Once you take care of your basic supplies, it’s time to prepare the more specific items needed for the lessons. While my Lil’ naps, I print out any templates I need for the day and take out any other supplies needed for the day’s activities. I also cut out anything that requires cutting because my Lil’ is not yet ready to cut. I prep everything I can while she is asleep. You can also do this prep work the night before if you do your preschool routine in the morning.

Establish A Routine

Let’s talk about developing a routine that will allow your Lil’ to get the most out of the lessons. Children thrive with routines.

Our routine starts after nap. We read a book right after she wakes up so she can wake up in a relaxed setting. Then we mosey over to the dining room table and do two activities. My daughter LOVES painting so if one activity involves painting, I make it the second activity of the day because she could spend an hour painting.

There will be times when your Lil’ just isn’t going to be interested. I recommend trying to implement the routine as much as possible and sticking to it so it becomes a part of the daily routine. If they simply are not interested in a lesson, just move on. No activity is worth making your Lil’ reluctant to learn new things.  

Teacher Tip

Organization, being prepared, and establishing a routine will make your at-home preschool a success. Implementing these three ideals will foster an environment of learning and creativity for your Lil’ to thrive in.